How to strengthen eyelashes

How to strengthen eyelashes

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How to strengthen eyelashes and eyebrowsto have them longer, thicker and above all healthier. From nutrition to natural remedies for brittle eyelashes.

Eyelashes and eyebrowsthey can be very fragile. If any of them fall out when you rub your lashes, you should take special care with your diet.

Eyelashes are one of the most important elements of our face and having perfect eyebrows is the dream of many. The eyelashes can highlight the eyes and renew the intensity of your gaze. Precisely for this reason to know how to strengthen eyelashes it is essential to be able to guarantee a healthier and simply better appearance.

But how to do it? how can you strengthen your lashes by following do-it-yourself methods that will allow you to have stronger and thicker lashes?

How to strengthen lashes with natural oils

Let's start with a very simple and very effective step: strengthen eyelashes with oils.

In fact, oils are an excellent solution to strengthen the lashes, to make them thicker and longer. For example, theolive oil it will be able to give you a restorative hand in the medium term, and its moisturizing and nourishing characteristics will extend not only to the eyelashes, but also to the skin.

Using it is also very simple. All you have to do is take a (clean!) Mascara brush, or a delicate stick, and pass the substance of the lashes, lightly and without haste. Since it is a natural and not very aggressive substance, you can repeat this operation even every night, before going to sleep, of course after removing make-up.

Another oil that will come to your aid iscastor oil. In fact, castor oil is a marvel for moisturizing lashes, giving them greater shine and increasing their strength and volume. This substance can also be applied every day, preferably in the evening, after removing make-up. But be careful not to overdo it: castor oil must be 100% pure and, above all, it must be used in very minimal quantities!

Nutrition: the nutrients that strengthen the lashes

A strong helping hand to be able to strengthen the lashes it is also related to the correct supply.

It is well known, in fact, that some foods are ideal for giving our body the nutritional elements it needs: to have strong and voluminous lashes, try to prefer foods that contain many minerals such as magnesium, zinc and vitamins A, B, C and E: from almonds to fish, you should certainly not have any difficulty in finding your favorite food, with which to enrich with goodness and health your diet!

The mistakes you make that cause brittle eyelashes

If so far we have focused on some things that you should definitely do if you want stronger lashes, let us now share with you some behaviors you shouldn't repeat!

First, be careful not to overuse the eyelash curler, which is a tool that in the very short term could give you some extra advantage, but which in the long run risks weakening the eyelashes, leading them to break.

Another accessory that you must use with particular parsimony is the waterproof mascara, which requires more effort to be removed. Therefore, it will also put more stress on your eyelashes, which could weaken and, therefore, break.

Another mistake that many women make, and which you shouldn't replicate at all, is ultimately going to bed without removing make-up: even if you are tired, take a few minutes to remove any make-up residue from the skin and eyes. If the mascara stays on the lashes overnight, it will eventually make them drier and more prone to breaking.

So, hence, a conclusion that should be dear to you when you buy your make-up accessories: avoid buying poor quality products, often of unknown brands, lacking valuable nutrients that could counterbalance the tension and stress that are determined by their application.

If you then notice that despite the precautions we have been able to summarize above, your eyelashes are getting weaker and continue to break and fall out, you just have to share your situation with a good dermatologist, who will check if there are any specific causes. that prevent you from strengthen the lashes and to have stronger and more voluminous lashes. Your health and beauty will be grateful to you!

Brittle eyebrows

Similarly, attention must also be paid to the make-up used for the eyebrows. Eyebrow tints can be very harmful if not chosen very carefully.

Please note: do not let yourself be influenced, the model in the photo certainly has false eyelashes!

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