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Mandarin diamond: price,reproductionand power. How to breed diamond birds with particular attention to the species Taeniopygia gattata (diamond mandarin).

When it comes tolittle birdsto be nurtured, the collective imagination focuses onparrotsiscanaries, yet there are many othersexotic birdswhich can give us great satisfaction. Among these, idiamondsthey can be an excellent option.

Its scientific name isTaeniopygia guttata. It is often called incorrectlyBengali. Is it a birdpasserineand its dimensions are characteristic: it measures from 8 to 12 cm in length with a weight ranging from 12-25 grams. This is the weight of the wild tangerine diamond, however, in captivity, the weight of the mandarin diamond can reach up to 40 grams! A nice gap linked to the "sedentary life of the cage" and more constant nutrition.

How much does a mandarin diamond cost? Price

The mandarin diamond is counted among the exotic birds of Australia. It has been bred in Italy for many decades. Theprice? It is impossible to give apricestandard. The classicmandarin diamondit is quite affordable: the cost varies from 10 to 15 euros. However, there are exceptions. Given the popularity of thetangerine diamondshave been obtainedmutationswith a particular livery. It is the mutations that cost more but it is always the mutations that are more difficult to reproduce. If you want to aim for thereproductionof themandarin diamond, put aside the mutations and aim for the classic example. Its breeding is easy but you must never underestimate the animal's well-being.

What do you need for coupling?

  • A spacious cage placed in a sheltered room or aviary
  • A pear-shaped wicker nest
  • Litter

Mandarin diamond: reproduction

As stated, thereproductionit's very simple, that's also why themandarin diamondit is found at affordable prices. It canreproducethroughout the year as long as it is reared in sheltered areas.

If you want to breed it in one insteadoutdoor aviary, know that it lays its eggs from spring to autumn. In winter, on our territory, the aviary must be sheltered from the cold, it will be necessary to install thermal insulating protections. It is true that themandarin diamondit is a bird resistant to diseases, however it does not tolerate the cold and even pleasant wind and temperature changes well.

You can help thereproductionsetting up a classic wicker nest, the favorite of theselittle birds. Where to buy it? In any shop specializing inzootechnicsor on Amazon. The nest to choose is the pear-shaped one. To be clear, on "this Amazon page" you will find a nest for exotic birds at the price of 6.7 euros (free shipping). If you already have wooden boxes at home, you can use those, they are less "typical" but still adaptable.

The "litter" to be inserted for setting up the nest is the most diverse: you can add woolen lint, dry moss, thin twigs, dry specks and ... a little cotton.

The female lays 4 to 6 eggs.

How long does the hatching last?
The hatching of the diamond birds mandarinslasts 12-13 days. Parental care goes on until the first month of life of the newly hatched birds, in fact, the little onestangerine diamondsthey become almost completely independent around the fourth week.

Feeding the diamond birds

For nutrition, you have little to choose from: there are several grain-based mixtures on the market. Trust these by trying to vary brands. Generally these mixes consist of canary seed, millet, panic, flax seeds, hemp seeds… By varying the brands of the product, the proportions of the nutritional intake vary in order to lower the risk of a disease linked to malnutrition.

While hatching, you can prepare forlittle diamond birdsan egg-based food, just like the one you prepare for canaries.

In the photo just above, a male specimen ofmandarin diamond. In the photo below, a female specimen.

I sing

TheI singit can be very noisy. Singing may sound like a kind ofmeep - oi a-ha! repeated, as if it were a beep. TheI singits complexity varies especially in the males: each male has a different song although the same blood lines they show strong similarities in singing.

In nature, young people learn their singing from a male reference figure. Within 30 seconds, the male repeats the same motifs 40 times. These birds thus formmelodiesand everyone plays his own "song".

Thesong of diamondsvaries during the stages of development. At the age of three months, thesong of the mandarin diamondhe begins to stabilize and never change for the rest of his life.

Females lack a real onesinging ability, in fact when it comes to male ofmandarin diamondreference is made toI sing. When we talk about the female, we refer to atowards.

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