Laxative foods against constipation

Laxative foods against constipation

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Laxative foods: which guarantee an immediate effect against constipation. Useful tips to prevent and treat this problem without using classic over-the-counter laxatives.

Constipation is a rather widespread problem in the Western world characterized by the difficulty in evacuating stool. It can be more or less complex, depending on the severity of the situation inside the intestine. You can already talk about constipation if you only have three or fewer bowel movements in a week.

In general, the difficulty in evacuation is accompanied by various symptoms such as: stomach pain, nausea, hard stools, anal itching or pain, rectal prolapse, fissures, etc.

According to experts, it is not necessary to evacuate every day. For example, those who do fasting periods do not always evacuate regularly. The problem arises when changes in bowel habits occur. In this case it is advisable to consult a specialist, especially if constipation lasts for several days and if disorders involving the intestinal area have been previously diagnosed.

A healthy lifestyle against constipation

Excluding the most severe diseases, classic over-the-counter laxatives are not necessarily needed to treat mild constipation, which among other things can also lead to undesirable effects (especially in the case of drug abuse). A food-based therapeutic approach, which involves the use of water, fruit and vegetables, may suffice against constipation.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can also prove to be decisive, which consists in the constant performance of physical activity associated with a healthy diet. Finally, it is essential to never ignore the urge to go to the bathroom.

To regulate your bowel movements so that bowel movements are frequent you can set a fixed time to go to the bathroom and make sure you stick to it. Even if you don't have immediate stimuli, this habit often pays off!

Foods rich in fiber against constipation

As already mentioned, constipation should never be underestimated: bowel health is a vital factor for the entire body. And it must therefore be protected!

It is in the intestine that foods rich in fiber play a fundamental role in case of constipation. For this reason it is good to increase the consumption of fiber, a substance capable of regulating bowel movement and promoting the expulsion of stool.

However, the intake of foods rich in fiber must be done with caution; an excess of fiber in the body can cause gas and abdominal distension. It is preferable to seek the advice of your doctor to take the right amount of fiber to consume every day. The recommended daily dose of fiber changes due to various factors, including age, body weight ...

Laxative foods, what are they

If you still suffer from constipation while changing your diet and lifestyle, you can try natural remedies. Mother nature provides us with foods with laxative properties to improve intestinal transit. Here are the foods with laxative properties to combat constipation without having to resort to the use of classic laxatives!


Apples are known for their multiple health benefits. The high amount of pectin in contact with water becomes a kind of gel that is highly beneficial for intestinal health


Plums are among the best known and most consumed foods for their laxative properties. They are an excellent source of sorbitol, an organic compound that is assimilated and transformed by bacteria from the microbiota and attracts water into the chyme. It therefore contributes to the correct bowel movement; this explains the laxative effect of prunes.


In the case of oranges, the benefits to combat constipation are due to a characteristic compound of these fruits, naringenin.

According to various studies, this flavonoid stimulates the secretion of chloride ion in the colon epithelium. An osmotic force is thus created and the secretion of liquids is favored, hence the laxative effect of oranges.

Other laxative foods

Flax seeds, raisins, berries, peaches, kiwis and dried apricots have a laxative effect. Pasta, pancakes, bread and biscuits prepared with whole grains or rich in fiber can also help fight constipation.

Certain vegetables also promote bowel movement. This is the case with broccoli, asparagus, peeled potatoes and pumpkin. You can also prepare salads based on spinach, lettuce and cabbage to increase the consumption of fiber and, therefore, the frequency of bowel movements.

Finally, legumes (such as green beans, white beans, chickpeas, lentils), soy and chia seeds, dried fruit (such as walnuts, peanuts and almonds) ensure a high intake of fiber to the diet. .