Properties of the grass

Properties of the grass

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Theproperties of the weedare often underestimated, yet thisspontaneous plantit has a root system exploited since the time of the Romans.

Gramigna: medicinal properties, uses and information on this plant which is often considered only a weed. Contraindications and uses.

Gramigna: weed

Thereweedit's aherbaceous plantoften considered by farmers as aweed grass. This plant, in fact, easily propagates thanks to its rhizomatous root.

It is not oneplantperennial but of agrassmulti-year, with vegetative cycles of several years. Thisgrassweed is difficult toeradicatebecause the rhizomatous roots can reach a depth of 40 - 50 cm.

Roots of grass

Typically, when gardeners or farmers try toeliminate the weed, they do nothing but shred the root which, once buried, propagates and grows at a short distance.

They are really theroots of grassto include interestingtherapeutic properties. The grass, in fact, is a plant widely used in herbal medicine.

Gramigna: properties

Those who do not want to go to a herbalist's shop can prepare DIY extracts and decoctions of weed. What are theproperty of the weed?First of all, like many plants, this one tooweed grassit has diuretic and detoxifying properties: it helps eliminate excess fluids and toxins accumulated in the body.

Among the otherspropertyfor which this herb is appreciated, we point out:

  • Anti-inflammatory action
    It prevents cystitis and is a natural remedy against urinary tract diseases. It also has an anti-inflammatory action in the case of joint pain, in the presence of gout and any condition that sees an accumulation of uric acid.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
    Excellent for relieving skin inflammations such as atopic dermatitis, eczema and other epidermal affections.
  • Antimicrobial activity
    The active compounds contained in the grass have an antimicrobial activity, effective in limiting skin irritation.

The use of theweedit has no details contraindicationshowever, overuse can becontraindicatedin case of particular conditions. For example, the streakspropertydiuretic can be onecontraindicationfor those suffering from low blood pressure or on hot summer days when sweat and heat lead us to be hypotheses. To avoidcontraindications, guesses should not drink more than two cups of decoction per day.

Decoction and herbal tea of ​​gramigna: properties

If this grows in your gardenweed grassrather than asking yourselfhow to eliminate ityou can ask yourself how to exploit hersproperty.

To take advantage of the antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties for the skin, compresses are recommended. You can prepare some liquid for the compresses with a simple decoction.

How to do? Just collect the rhizomatous roots of the weeds and let them dry. At the time of use, you will need to chop them finely.

For the decoction, simmer, for 5 minutes, 5 teaspoons ofroots of grass(dried and chopped) in 250 ml of water. Leave in decoction for 20 minutes. The liquid thus obtained can be used to impregnate a sterile cloth intended for anti-inflammatory packs. Obviously, before use, you will need to filter and let the liquid cool.

A decoction to drink can be prepared with:

  • 250 ml of water
  • 2 teaspoons of dried and chopped grass roots
  • sweetener of your choice

Just simmer for 3 minutesroots of gramignedried, let it cool and drink the decoction.

Gramigna: how to eliminate it

As stated,eliminate this spontaneous herbit is not easy. The roots are very dense and the plant extremely resistant.

Thereweedit grows easily in agricultural soils, well fertile, but also populates loose, lean or compacted soils: in short, it adapts everywhere! It can also ruin the lawn and theweedingit is a difficult operation.

The best way to eliminate the weed consists in the uprooting of the entire root: a difficult but possible operation!

To eliminate weeds it is possible to use suitable agricultural tools or chemical means for theweeding.

Manual grubbing or with small tools is ideal for small spaces, while if the area to be treated is very large, chemical weeding can be evaluated.

Thereweedit can be annoying especially when it thrives onmeadow. Once theweeds in the meadowit will be necessary to provide for the new leveling of the ground and the re-seeding of the turf. For all the instructions on the chemical weeding of grass we recommend the article dedicated to weeds in the lawn.

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