Horseradish sauce

Horseradish sauce

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How to make horseradish saucewith different recipes. Advice on how to eat horseradish roots.

Horseradish: plant

Horseradish is a herbaceous plant belonging to the cruciferous family. It's about aplantperennial whose botanical name isArmoracia rusticana. Thehorseradishyou cancultivateeasily in our climate: thisplantin fact, it is native to south-eastern Europe and the westernmost area of ​​Asia.

The Armoracia rusticana species is known by both the common namehorseradishthan with the namehorseradish. In both cases it is the sameplant, cultivated for its fleshy root and excellent for use in the kitchen.

It's about aplantperennial rustic, easy tocultivate and which grows up to 50 cm in height. It has large leaves with an intense green color. Flowering is summer: the small flowers are not of great interest, on the contrary the rhizomatous root is.

Horseradish root is rich in vitamin C and is popular for itspropertyantioxidants. It provides folic acid and is rich in volatile oils, one of which is responsible for its characteristic spicy flavor.

Horseradish horseradish

The roots are consumed from the horseradish but ... the leaves are also edible and have the typical spicy flavor, similar to mustard.

Cultivating Horseradish

Thehorseradishyou cancultivateeasily in our areas. Although it is aperennial plantand rustic, to have a good harvest it is advisable to do onecultivationannual.

The horseradish plant cansowin the month of February. The best soil is fertile, well-drained soil. The sixth of the plant provides a distance between the plants of 30 cm from each other and a distance between the rows of about 50 cm. The plant hates water stagnation but drought even more: it will need to be irrigated frequently. The ideal exposure is in partial shade or in a sunny position.

Can horseradish be grown in pots? Yes, but you need very deep containers. The part of the horseradish that is consumed is the rhizomatous root which takes a lot of space for development.

How to eat horseradish

The beard can be used in manyrecipes. Freshly grated horseradish in Croatia is served with grilled beef. In some areas of Poland, horseradish soup is a typical dish served on Easter day.
In the typical meat sauce of the city of Potenza, the ingredient of honor is horseradish: it is grated fresh, directly on freshly prepared pasta with meat sauce, in addition to the classic cheese.

Horseradish sauce

Please note, wasabi sauce is not made with horseradish. Green wasabi sauce is made with Japanese radish.

With thehorseradishprepare onesauceknown asrafanata (typical recipe of Basilicata) or the Cren or Kren horseradish sauce (typical recipe of Triveneto). The typical Lucanian horseradish recipe involves the use of freshly grated ragano, chilli, boiled potatoes, salt and eggs.

In the UK and Poland, the horseradish sauce it is simply given by grated horseradish and white vinegar. It is used to flavor roast beef and Sunday roast.

Another version of thehorseradish sauceincludes: grated horseradish, extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice. Again thehorseradish sauceit can be used to enrich meats, but also sandwiches, sandwiches or to dress salads.

In Russia thehorseradish sauceprepares with arecipevery peculiar: grated horseradish, crushed garlic and a small amount of tomato sauce to give the color. There are those who add a little brown sugar to make the horseradish sauce sweeter.

In the United States thehorseradish sauce recipeit's even simpler:horseradishgrated and mayonnaise! This combination is used to dress sandwiches, meats, salads and also to flavor grilled vegetables.

Khreyn sauce features a mix of grated horseradish and beetroot. In the photo above you see onehorseradish sauce and beetroot!

A secret to preparing an excellent horseradish sauce? The characteristic flavor pungent of thehorseradishis given by allyl isothiocyanate. This compound is highly volatile and already degrades at 37 ° C. For this reason, in thehorseradish sauce recipeuse only cold ingredients, fresh out of the fridge. Only in this way thehorseradish sauceit will keep the same freshness and aroma as the freshly crushed root.

Black horseradish and white horseradish sauce

If you are looking for the white horseradishor theblack horseradish, you're probably talking about theJapanese radish, available in the white or black variety. For more information here is the in-depth page: radish and Japanese horseradish.

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