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Circular and Sustainable Economy Forum

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The implementation of acircular and sustainable economy wide-ranging is the focus of the two days to be held in Naples on 28 and 29 November.

Two days of debates, discussions and workshops will be able to answer many questions on the topic ofcircular economy. Among the many doubts to dispel: why is it important to invest in this new economic model? What are the potentials on the environmental front? What are the areas involved and the development possibilities for the territory?

The program of theForum “Circular and sustainable economy” is divided into four conferences, each of which will touch on current issues, such as:

1st conference. Organic farming development in the south and funding focus

28 November h. 9.30 - 13.30
From financing to tax news, from technological innovations to everything related to the world of agri-food.

A moment of encounter between the agricultural world and the institutions, where there will be the protagonists of the Italian panorama, trade associations, companies, certification bodies ...

2nd conference. Biomethane in transport in light of the new decree

28 November h. 14.30 - 18.00
The theme of biofuelsin Italy it moves between lights and many shadows. This conference aims to clarify and highlight how the role of thebiomethanebiogaswith the decree which entered into force on March 20, 2018. A look to the future: how can thebiomethanecontribute to the achievement of the target biofuels to be used by 2020.

The topic closely concerns the entire Italian agricultural landscape and operators in the transport sector.

3rd conference. Metropolitan strategic plan: committed funds and intervention areas

29 November 9.30am - 1.30pm
Presentation of the "Metropolitan Strategic Plan"Which has as its objective a set of articulated actions and processes, with a political-administrative direction capable of responding directly to the 92 municipalities in the area.

The conference involves private and public entities. In particular, the workshop will focus on the points of the “Metropolitan Strategic Plan” that deal with the integrated waste cycle. The development of an efficient integrated waste cycle represents one of the greatest challenges for contemporary society. It is intended to contribute to urban waste management, providing support to Common and ai Area Bodies.

4th conference. New strategies and financial instruments for soil remediation

29 November h.14: 30 - 18.00
Technical interventions and comparisons to opennew economic scenarios for land reclamation and recovery. The conference will address the main critical issues up to proposing changes to the procedures.

The conference involves private and public entities. It should be emphasized the interest of private individuals for the reclaimed areas which could become an added value for the development of the territory.

Forum "Circular and sustainable economy"

Participation in the conferences it is free upon registration on the official website of theAnea. The Forum will be a meeting point between companies, sector associations, institutions and professionals.

It will be the first event divided into 4 conferences ofcentral southern Italyon the main issues ofcircular and sustainable economy.

The conferences give the right toprofessional training creditsfor the main orders and colleges and CFP for EGE certified for the purpose of maintaining the qualification.

The Location

ThereChapter room, one of the most prominent rooms of the complex of San Domenico Maggiore, in the heart of Naples.

Organizers and patrons

L'ANEA, Neapolitan Energy and Environment Agency, is an independent and non-profit consortium that promotes the rational use of energy, the spread of renewable sources, sustainable mobility and environmental Protection

In collaboration with: Municipality of Naples - Department of Energy Policies.

Main Institutional Partner: Metropolitan City of Naples.

Partner: INAIL - Campania Management, Nature.

Patronages:Campania Region, Municipality of Naples, Chamber of Commerce of Naples, National College of Agricultural Experts and Graduate Agricultural Experts, Order of Engineers of the Province of Naples, Order of Architects and Conservative Landscape Planners of Naples and Province, Order of Chemists of Campania, Council of '' National Order of Agronomists and Forestry Doctors, Order of Agronomists and Forestry Doctors of the Province of Naples, Order of Geologists of Campania, Order of Industrial Experts and Graduate Industrial Experts of the Province of Naples.

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