Beard alopecia

Beard alopecia

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Beard alopecia: causes, cures and treatmentseffective. All information on beard alopecia areata.

Alopecia areata: what it is

It is believed that thealopecia areatais linked to an immune system response that attacks the hair follicles, some types of lymphocytes (immune system cells) attack the hair follicles causing inflammation and hair loss or hair loss.

Is calledAlopecia Barbaeand it is a particular type ofalopecia areata. It can occur as a disorder in itself, localized exclusively at the level of thebeardor in conjunction with alopecia areata of the scalp.

It has been estimated that in 50% of cases, after the appearance ofalopecia of the beard, the disorder also affects the hair in a period of 12 months.

Beard alopecia: causes

Alopecia Barbae oalopecia areata of the beard, occurs mainly between 30 and 40 years of age, although statistics on US population samples report an onset before the age of 30. The disorder is more pronounced in those with dark hair.

How does it arise?
In the area of ​​thebeard, outlined patches appear where hair no longer grows.

This form of alopecia can manifest itself in the typical area of ​​the beard, namely: cheeks, chin, neck and lip contour.

There are several manifestations ofalopecia areata, the common type can be cured and is not associated with other diseases. In any case, if thealopecia of the beardit is advisable to ask for a medical consultation. In some cases, thealopecia of the beard(as well as that affecting the scalp) can be associated with autoimmune diseases.

If thealopeciait is associated with strong stress, a state of perennial fatigue, irritability, anxiety and constant tension, we speak of hypertensive alopecia. This should not be confused withstress alopecia.

Despite the classification of the different types of alopecia, in reality one has not yet been highlightedcauseexact. Researchers assume that alopecia is an autoimmune disease and that even extreme stress can trigger hair loss (beard alopecia) and hair loss (scalp alopecia) in particularly predisposed people. Stress, in fact, in any type of alopecia, would seem a factor that tends to worsen the symptoms.

It is believed that particular genetic predispositions can contribute to the onset of the disorder. In some cases, as stated, beard alopecia is associated with autoimmune diseases (lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, erythematous arthritis ...) and thyroid dysfunction. For this reason it is important to consult your doctor.

Among the otherscausesshow there is a strong lack of iron (anemia) even if there are no studies that can prove this relationship with certainty.

Beard alopecia: cure

Find onetherapyeffective againstalopecia of the beardit's not easy. This pathology tends to have a chronic course, moreover there are subjective factors that can affect. In general, topical cortisone-based therapies are not recommended.

Again in generic terms, it is preferred to choose rubefacient products (able to draw blood in the most superficial layers of the skin to stimulate hair production) or topical immunotherapy.

Some topical medications (creams and lotions) can show benefits but when the therapy is stopped, alopecia reappears.

In some cases, dermatologists may opt for corticosteroid injections into the areas affected by the hair loss. This treatment is quite invasive and much debated.

Anyone looking for atreatmentdefinitive and effective, it can take advantage of modern transplantation techniques (Follicular Unit Extraction, Advanced Micro-FUE…). These techniques involve the transplantation of individual follicular units taken from a stable growth area and implanted in the areas where the beard does not grow. This procedure is also used for alopecia of the scalp. This procedure is painless, leaves no scars and requires no more sessions, however a repellent to this cure can be the price.

Beard alopecia: natural remedies

To regrow the beard in areas where hair bulbs are absent, it is possible to take advantage of the rubefacient properties of some essential oils.

A DIY ointment is prepared with a tablespoon of jojoba oil and 4 drops of birch essential oil, better to buy one of therapeutic grade. Unlike other essential oils, birch is not easily found in herbal medicine, if you do not have a trusted retailer, you can find one of therapeutic grade "at this Amazon address", offered at a price of 16 euros including shipping costs .

Once the ointment has been prepared, it should be applied to the beard area where hair does not grow. The treatment should be performed twice a day.

Psychological health should not be underestimated: in the absence of physiological causes (where alopecia areata of the beard is a symptom of a disease diagnosed by a doctor) it is important to take care of one's emotional well-being carefully.

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