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More expensive cats

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THE cats are much loved, you can see it from the number of portrait photos that run on social networks, on Facebook and on Instagram above all, but it can also be seen from the figures that many are willing to pay to be able to have a cat of a certain breed. I personally am for the common cats, for the European cat or for those who have a simple and "casual" coat, this certainly does not mean that they do not recognize the beauty of some purebred cats.

I love very much the Carthusian and the Siamese, for example, while I find it hard to conceive of hairless cats since I love the coat of my cats. One of the most relaxing and pleasant things about being the owner of two cats is being able to pet them without haste, calming anxieties or worries with the velvety sensation of their coat. Returning to our cat friends, let's see the most expensive and in this case more than my personal preferences, the logic of the market dictates the law.

Most expensive cats: Bengal

The Bengal cat it is one of the most difficult to recover and when it is recovered in some farm, it must be paid for in gold or even 2,500 or 3,000 euros. An anomalous cost for a cat with an anomalous history. This breed was born in the 1970s when a certain Dr. Centerwall took it into his head to try to make domestic cats immune to feline leukemia by crossing them with an Asian leopard cat. The Bengal cat a little by chance, today it is considered a real domestic cat after a few generations from the first crossing.

Most expensive cats: Scottish Fold

It comes from Scotland, it's not cheap but it's very expensive, minimum 800 or one thousand euros, this cat with a very delicate and soft coat that implies an expense of time, to treat it, as well as money. However, the hair is not the peculiarity of this breed but the ears that are folded in on themselves. The result is funny for some, fascinating for others, it is certainly original and the cat is not offended if you laugh because fortunately this is a breed with a good character, which is quite rare among felines. The Scottish Fold it is a sociable and playful animal, affectionate and faithful, very suitable also for families with children.

Most expensive cats: Persian

Always for the modest sum of one thousand euros you can also get a puppy of Persian cat, an expensive cat and certainly not a niche cat, nor a recent discovery. To look for its origins we go to Asia Minor because the first examples were brought to Europe in 1626 by Pietro Della Valle. Already in the Victorian era it was a very popular cat, even Queen Victoria possessed some specimens of blue color therefore extremely rare and, I imagine, already in expensive times. Not just the Blue Persian but all Persians still have considerable prices.

Most Expensive Cats: Savannah

The price goes up when it comes to the Savannah cat, a feline from large size but it doesn't cost that much due to its bulk. The first specimen was born from the crossing between a male serval and a Siamese cat, the result even today is an animal up to one meter long and with a weight that goes from 10 to 15 kilos. It costs a lot because it is rare and very difficult to breed.

Most expensive Russian Blue cats

Let's go back to reasonable figures even if always high, we are around a thousand euros for a cat whose origin is shrouded in mystery and perhaps also for this reason is a feline full of charm, which costs. It also costs his fur very blue particular, enriched with shades of gray unique to each specimen that exists on the face of the Earth. There are some cat enthusiasts who see in his I face the smile of the Mona Lisa, not everyone agrees but there is unanimity on the price and that it is also a price justified by the beautiful character of this very sociable and fairly easy to breed animal.

Most expensive cats: British Shorthair

The Romans brought cats to Great Britain which then mated with the local breeds giving life to this wonderful breed whose specimens cost from 500 to one thousand euros. It has not always been a breeding and domestic cat, it was for years an animal that roamed wild in the English lands, today it is bred and officially recognized.

Most expensive cats: Manx

We end this overview of more expensive cats with a bang because the Isle of Man cat, also known as Manx or Kayt Manninagh, it can cost as much as 3,000 euros. It is the limit price but at much less it is difficult to find it especially if you want a specimen with a very rare white coat. The peculiarity of this breed lies in the presence of a natural one spinal mutation which means that some specimens may have a smaller tail than the standard ones. Sometimes there is even no tail and this only makes the cat more fascinating in the eyes of some who also appreciate the fact that the hind legs are longer than the front ones.

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