Helichrysum: cultivation and care

Helichrysum: cultivation and care

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Helichrysum: cultivation and plant care. Flowers, multiplication and how to grow helichrysum in pots or in the garden. Useful tips and essential oil properties.

It is counted among the plants to keep mosquitoes away from the garden, why? Thepropertyof its leaves, strongly aromatic and with notes oflicorice.

Helichrysum: plant and flowers

Its botanical name isHelichrysum italicum. It belongs to the Asteraeae family, it is a shrubby plant perennialwhich has characteristics of both herbaceous and woody plants. A plant of this genus is called "suffruticosa", In the case ofhelichrysum, the woody part is at the base, with rich ramifications, while the herbaceous part is at the top and is renewed every year, season after season.

L'helichrysumit's aperennial plant: the ramifications support the growth of the herbaceous part of the plant, are gray-ash in color and can reach heights between 25 and 70 cm.

L'helichrysumhe is highly regarded for hispropertyaromatic. The leaves are rich in volatile compounds capable of giving off a scent reminiscent of that oflicoriceor curry. If you have one of these plants in your house, just rub a leaf in your hands to smell it for a long time.

L'Helichrysum italicumis also appreciated for hisflowering. THEflowersthey are small and yellow but remain for a very long time: flowering lasts over 25 days.

The flowers are given by small corollas of 3 - 3.5 mm and have a trumpet shape. Theflowering periodit starts in June and continues throughout the summer. The flowers remain very durable even after being cut.

Helichrysum: cultivation and care

If you wantcultivate the helichrysumyou are probably interested inpropertyof its leaves or you are aiming to obtain a fragrant flowerbed!

In any case, you will have tocultivate the helichrysumin a very sunny area: the plant wants full sun and low light conditions do not favor flowering. With little light, the plant tends to develop more the woody portion to the detriment of the herbaceous one. If yourhelichrysum does not bloomit probably isn't getting enough light.

This plant is very rustic and doesn't want manycarestarting from the ground: it prefers a poor and stony or sandy soil. Avoid growing the plant in soils that tend to retain water (clayey, marshy, asphyxiated ...). The most frequent problem with this plant is in fact linked to root rot: an excess of water quickly causes root rot and death of the plant.

For the same reason, you will have towater the helichrysumvery sparingly: water the plant only when the soil is dry. Watering should not be frequent even in summer.

Betweencareto be dedicated tohelichrysumyou can include thepruning: nothing drastic: only periodic cleaning to eliminate dead copper and to maintain the desired shape.

Potted helichrysum

Growing in pots, just like that in the ground, does not require special attention. Those who live in northern Italy cancultivate the helichrysum in potsso as to move the containers with the arrival of winter colds. The plant does not tolerate frost and, even if grown in the open ground, it should be protected with sheets.

Propagation of the helichrysum

Theremultiplicationit can be done easily for bothcuttingthan by division of the tufts.How to multiply the helichrysum?The cutting is done by taking apical branches that must be cut to a length of about 6 cm.

When to multiply the helichrysum? The best time for thecuttingfalls at the end of winter. The cuttings should be placed in a greenhouse or at home, in a very bright area. Rooting takes place within 30 - 40 days, it is not necessary to use a rooting hormone as I have advised you to do with other plants ... rooting is easy!

The division of the tufts, on the other hand, is carried out in spring.

Helichrysum: essential oil

His essential oil it is very famous for its stimulating, tonic, anti-fatigue and invigorating properties. How to use? Just dilute a few drops of this essential oil in a carrier oil (olive oil is also enough, maybe 2 drops of helichrysum essential oil for each tablespoon of olive oil). In this way you can prepare a useful ointment to reactivate the circulation and skin care.

The essential oil of helichrysum is among the most expensive, in fact, a small bottle of organic essential oil can be bought at prices ranging from 20 to 40 euros. On "this Amazon page" a small bottle of 5 ml, indicated to relieve muscle and joint pain (therefore always for topical use) can be bought at a price of 24.99 euros.

Ornamental helichrysum

On this page we talked about the Helichrysum italicum species, also famous for the production ofessential oiland herbal preparations. There is no shortage of other species that present importantbloomsand which are able to offer double flowers with a considerable diameter.

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