How to light a barbecue

How to light a barbecue

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How to light a barbecue: tips for lighting the barbecue without making smoke and above allhow to make excellent embersto cook food.

Thecharcoal barbecue, which is inmasonryor metallic, it requires a little experience both for cooking and for lighting and maintaining onegood embers. I have already given you many tips in the article on how to cook with a charcoal barbecue, talking aboutindirect cookingisdirect cooking, advice on how to manage the lid and cooking times of meat. In this article I will explain to youhow to light the brick barbecue, fixed or portable, because the principle does not change.

How to light a barbecue: what it takes

Contrary to what many think, howevermake excellent embersyou must not keep the charcoal hot: theembersit tends to be greyish and not bright red!

Forturn on the barbecueyou will literally have toset the charcoal on fireand then wait for embers to form once the flames are out. In the ignition phase, a little smoke is completely normal, so don't expect toturn on the barbecue without smoking. To light the barbecue fire you will need:

  • Thermal gloves (recommended)
  • Gel, tablets, liquid, food alcohol, natural jute bags, firelighters or non-toxic devils ...
  • Chimney lighter (recommended, costs 10 euros and you will always use it)
  • Good quality charcoal
  • Lighter

I advise you toturn on the barbecue without liquidand especiallywithout devils. In fact, for lighting the charcoal, you can use old natural mats, jute bags or buy special lighting pads. The standard diavolina, in fact, contains tar and toxic substances that will invade your food. Furthermore, diavolina and different types of liquids for lighting the barbecue, tend to give off a lot of fumes. On the market there are completely odorless and toxic-free ignition tablets.

Before using diavoline or various liquids, carefully read the instructions for use and especially the composition: avoid buying tablets that containhydrocarbonsbecause they can inevitably leave harmful residues in the charcoal, produce too much smoke or even give off the smell of gasoline.

A good alternative is given bycombustible gels: they are based on ethanol (alcohol), they do not leave odors or residues in the charcoal. Where to buy them? They are easily found, you can also take advantage of online trading. To give you an example, I would like to point out the "LotusGrill fuel gel" which is completely non-toxic. You can buy it on Amazon at a price of 7.10 euros with free shipping costs. Like the LotusGrill, any product composed of ethanol will be fine ... even if you have a 90 ° alcohol bottle at home that is too old or the aclol of "cherries in alcohol", you can use that.

The difference is also madecharcoal which are sold under the name of "grill brick" or "carbon bric". Try to choose good quality charcoal that offers even burn and that can burn slower than regular charcoal.

A pair of thermal gloves can be very useful, especially if you are using a firelighter kit given by the basket / chimney. The “ignition chimneys” can be very useful forturn on the barbecuewithout producing too muchsmoke, some bbqs are already supplied, in other cases they must be purchased separately and have prices ranging from 10 to 50 euros, to get an idea, I refer you to "this Amazon page".

How to turn on the barbecue

that's howstart the barbecue:

  1. Place two non-toxic tablets on the grill or two charcoal coated with fuel gel.
  2. Light with a match and on top, when they catch fire and show a nice flame, add a third charcoal.
  3. Put the lighter basket loaded with coals and wait at least 20 minutes, in this context you will see some smoke but you will notice that the charcoal will gradually catch fire.
  4. Using thermal gloves (or oven sockets) pour the contents of the lighter basket into the charcoal grill, placed at the bottom of the barbecue.
  5. Only when theburning charcoalwill have constituted aemberscovered with a thin layer of grayish ash then it will be possible to startcooking on the barbecue.

If you don't have a lighter basket and you don't intend to buy it, you will need to be more careful in the start-up phase: the lighter basket allows the charcoal to burn evenly and progressively.

Without lighter basket you will have to use a greater number of fire starting points.

How to light the charcoal in the fireplace

The lighter basket can also be a valid help forlight an ember in the fireplaceand use the fireplace to cook just like a barbecue, so forlight the charcoal in the fireplacejust follow the instructions above.

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