Knee valgus

Knee valgus

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Knee valgus, meaning and characteristics of the disorder. Exercises, remedies and correction. Surgical treatment and when it is possible to correct the valgus knee with physiotherapy.

Knee varus and valgus: meaning

We talk aboutvalgusto describe an abnormal position (deformity) of a part of a limb or joint, with the moving away towards the inside of a bone. When the opposite occurs, that is, when the deformity leads to a removal of the bone towards the outside, we speak ofvarus.

We thus have theknee valgus(deformity of the knee inward or X-shaped knees) and on the contrary thevarus knee(deformity of the knee outward or knee to the O).

THEsymptomsmore serious concern the gait which, when the deformity is extreme, is hindered.

Thevalgusand thevarusthey are not just aboutknees. Hallux valgus and hallux varus are also an explicit example.

Knee valgus: causes and diagnosis

Theknee valgusis an anatomical anomaly popularly known as "knee to X“.

The causes are linked to a bad alignment between the tibia and the femur: when the tibia and femur bones do not respect perfect alignment, they consequently form an angle given by the removal of the joint of thekneetowards the inland.

A single one has not yet been identified cause for this bone malformation: this pathology can be counted among the developmental disorders with an abnormal development of the bones in pediatric age. For this reason, for prevent valgus kneeit is important to take care of the child at 360 ° starting from the posture. Knee valgus in adults has a more complex treatment.

Why is posture so important? In pediatric age our bones are very flexible and correction can take place very easily but only when the disorder is not completely overt. Correct posture is at the root of many bone disorders.

Theknee valgusis related to an overload of thelateral knee compartmentwhich is found to support most of the body weight when walking or worse, when playing sports. With prompt intervention, in children, the correction of the problem can be achieved without resorting to surgery.

Therediagnosisit is performed with an x-ray. However, to figure out if you have aknee valgusor avagus knee, generally the doctor asks tojoin the two parts of the body concerned(then the two knees) and observe the alignment of the tibia.

Knee valgus: remedies

We talk aboutsurgical treatmentonly in the most overt cases. Theresurgery it can intervene on different levels. In severe cases ofvalgusisvarus, artoplasty is used, ie with the replacement of the compromised components with the prosthesis.

Whenever possible, we act on the femur with a surgery known as osteotomy, that is, we go to realign the femur and restore correct joint biomechanics. In some cases, the osteotomy may also involve the tibia. TherePhysiotherapyit is a strong support for the recovery of motor functions.

When there are no grounds for resorting tosurgery, it is possible to use corrective tools.

Knee rotated

It is important not to confuse theknee valgusor thevarus kneewith other disorders of the knee anatomy. We talk aboutintrarotated kneewhen the joint disorder is linked to a "muscle shortening" in the internal rotation of the knees. And in this case it is possible to speak ofcorrection, exercises and physiotherapy.

In case ofrotated knee(intra-rotated knee) exercises can be put in place in order to re-stretch the muscles. In most cases, this condition can be corrected or significantly improved without surgery. Often therotated kneeit is linked to other anatomical problems, such as tilted pelvis with consequent shortening of one limb compared to the other. In this case, for thetreatmentit is also possible to adopt afootbed.

Any intervention should only be performed after a diagnosis: orthopedists, rheumatologists, posturologists, physiatrists and sports doctors can help you to identify theremediesbest suited to your bone structure.

When theknee valgusit is only a false alarm but it is a rotated knee due to a hypertonic and shortened muscle, it is also possible to evaluate physiotherapy with the Mezieres method.

Let it be if it comes toknee valgus, knee varus orrotated knee, a significant reduction in body weight is important if you are overweight or obese. Achieving a healthy weight is a strong advantage for all joints and beyond.

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