What to grow in the summer

What to grow in the summer

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What to grow in the summer: what to plant in the garden in summer, a guide to summer crops in the home garden.

What to plant in the garden in the summer

Summer is a transitional period for the garden. In reality, those who decide to start a vegetable garden in the summer must keep themselves ready to face various adversities:

  • Drought (more frequent watering, especially if starting from sowing)
  • Weeds (competition for nutrients in the soil is high and mechanical weeding and fertilization must be performed)
  • Shorter crop cycles (especially if starting with sowing)

Generally, the ideal is to start the garden between April and May in order to obtain, for the summer, well-developed plants, with root systems able to cope with weeds, more resistant to drought and above all ready to give continuous crops. Who startscultivate the vegetable garden in the summeronly the beginning of autumn is cut out for the harvest, because the plant, with the summer heat, will take about a month to grow and give its fruits. Of course, the heat is an advantage because it favors the growth of plants, but if the season is unfavorable and autumn comes early, the harvests will finish in a short time. Having made this necessary premise, know that in the summer you can plant any vegetable and vegetables with a summer harvest ... harvest times will simply get shorter!

Then there are some things that can be done sow in summer and then harvesting in autumn, this is the case of autumn-harvested fennel and many varieties of cabbage, chicory and broccoli.

What to grow in the summer

In the summer months it is possible to sow or plant beets, kidney beans, parsley, carrot, early fennel.

What to grow in early summer

In the first half of summer, in the vegetable garden, you can still plant tomatoes, aubergines, thistle, cucumbers, courgettes and watermelons. Even vegetables such as endive, lettuce, leek and escarole should not be planted beyond the month of July.

What to grow in mid-summer

From July on, they can be planted orsow in summerthose typical autumn vegetables, namely: cauliflower, broccoli, winter cabbage, Brussels sprouts, celery, cabbage ... between July and August, you cansowdifferent varieties of chicory, fennel and the Chioggia radicchio.

For more information: How to grow Brussels sprouts

What to grow in late summer

From August to September, then in the last part of the summer, it is possible to perform thosecropsslow-growing that we will meet for all the autumn months and the first winter. What to grow in August? Spinach, chicory, sliced ​​lettuce, radish, lamb's lettuce and rocket.

Carrots and parsley can be sown throughout the summer.

It is also possible at the end of summerplanting in the vegetable gardenthe radicchio di Chioggia (late varieties), the radicchio di Treviso (always late) and the radicchio di Castefranco. Until the beginning of September it is possibleplantalso the aforementioned escarole.

Also towards the end of the summer months it is possiblesow in the open fieldwhite onion (more parsley and carrot) and radish.

It's possibleplantsugar loaf chicory, Catalonian chicory (it is a bit bitter but tasty) and late Verona radicchio.

To give your dishes a little color, you can alsocultivateunusual varieties, such as yellow tomatoes or purple carrots. You can sow in the open field or you can sow in a balcony planter, as long as it is deep enough. A sachet of the Spanish purple carrot variety Forrajera Morada is available on “this Amazon page”. The purple carrot has two peculiarities, the first is undoubtedly its characteristic color, the second is its flavor: purple carrots are very sweet, more sweet than orange carrots and the Forrajera variety is particularly sweet.

What to grow in the fall

With the arrival of autumn, the home garden will have to leave room for the cultivation of legumes. If summer is the month in which the field is left for the sowing of vegetables and cutting vegetables, autumn is the month in which space is left for the sowing of legumes, for further advice on the article: how to grow grass peas.

Summer crops

To deepen the theme ofsummer sowingand ofwhat to grow in the garden in the summerwe recommend that you read the sowing guides month by month, focusing on the pages:

  • What to grow in June
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