How to wash fabrics in the washing machine or by hand

How to wash fabrics in the washing machine or by hand

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How to wash fabrics in the washing machine or by hand: tips for setting the right wash according to the fabric to be washed (wool, silk, cotton, down, terry ...). Temperature, spin cycle and advice on the detergent to use.

First, forto washa garment in complete safety, it is always important to read the label and identify the various oneswashing symbolspresent. For some garments, in fact, it is possible to wash only at low temperatures (30 ° C), without spinning and without the possibility of soaking. In the article dedicated to "symbols on the label", you will be able to understand how to interpret the label of the garment in front of you. On this page I will give you universal advice based on type of fabric to wash.

How to wash fabrics in the washing machine

It is important to understand that not all fabrics are the same even if they bear the same name. For example, natural leather is one thing, alcantara leather is quite another. The same goes for natural wool and alpaca wool.

When you have doubts abouthow to wash the fabricin front of you, read the label. For safety I will give you universal advice giving you the parameters to minimize the risk of ruining that particular fabric.

How to wash wool

For more delicate wool or alpaca wool garments (a particularly fine wool that can lose its shine with a wrong wash) you can opt for hand washing or use an extra-delicate wash in the washing machine by deactivating the spin cycle.

Many washing machines offer "hand washing", that is a wash so delicate as to be compared to the classic hand wash. If your washing machine does not offer you extra-delicate washing programs, at low temperatures, you will have to resign yourself to washing by hand. In any case, I advise you to use a natural, biodegradable detergent, so as not to attack the fabrics.

How to wash cotton

White cotton can withstand washes up to 90 ° C, on the contrary, colored cotton should never be washed with temperatures higher than 60 ° C and always using mild detergent so as not to risk discoloring the garments.

How to wash down and padded items

Whether it is natural down (such as goose down) or synthetic down, you will need to pay close attention. The reason? Feathers take up a lot of volume when completely dehydrated and create an insulating effect. To preservepadded jacketsand the padding of any garment, some washing machines have a special program, in the absence of this, it is better to rely on hand washing. Again, it is important to rely on the label.

How to wash towels and sponges in the washing machine or by hand

THEterry fabricslike that of towels or bathrobes, they can get felted easily so avoid the spin cycle and above all avoid drying them in full sun. Generally it is drying with complete dehydration that makes towels hard. To have soft towels, do not wash at temperatures above 60 ° C and dry in partial shade areas.

How to wash jeans in the washing machine or by hand

Theretemperature for washing jeansvaries according to the composition of the fabric, ranging from 30 ° C to 60 ° C. For safety, if you haven't seen the garment's label, do not exceed 30 ° C. Green light to the centrifuge.

Turn the jeans inside out before washing them to avoid white streaks. Yes, if your pants or your shirts have white stripes, it's not the detergent's fault but the spin cycle and the drum, putting the garments inside out will solve the problem.

How to wash cashmere in the washing machine or by hand

Cashmere is one of the most delicate fabrics. Thecashmere sweatersthey should not be machine washed unless, like wool, you have a dedicated and delicate program like hand washing.

Also pay close attention to the detergent which must have a neutral pH and not alkaline like those on the market. Use a detergent dedicated to wool and cashmere like the ones you find on "this Amazon page".

If the cashmere sweaters have become damaged, shrunk or deteriorated, it was almost certainly not the fault of the washing (which in any case you will have to do at low temperatures, therefore at 30 ° C and only with an extra delicate program or for wool) but detergent.

How to wash the skin

Each skin type needs a different treatment. Again, just like thewashing of cashmere and wool, you will need to use dedicated detergents. The solvents and detergents available on the market are too alkaline and end up deteriorating the garments or cracking them. Make sure you use a suitable cleaner such as those found on “this Amazon page“. Note that some soaps are suitable for dry cleaning or work as a conditioner to soften and moisturize your leather jackets!

How to wash fabrics without discoloring them

Low temperatures and natural detergents are the perfect combination to avoid discoloring fabrics. The garments that you put in the washing machine generally fade due to the high temperatures reached and above all due to the aggressiveness of the detergent.

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