Indoor plants, list and advice

Indoor plants, list and advice

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Indoor plants: from the most resistant to the flowering ones. Tips for growing and arranging plants in the house (in the bathroom, kitchen, living room…).

It's possible furnish home with splendid tall houseplants, low, ofbig dimensionsor space-saving, it all depends on your needs and how well the chosen variety will fit.

The indoor plants they oxygenate the environment, some can improve air quality, eliminate bad smells and all, undoubtedly, make the home more welcoming and sometimes even more elegant. To give you suggestions on choices, we offer you a small one list of houseplantsmost appreciated, dividing them by domestic environment according to common needs (little light, a lot of humidity ...).

How to clean plant leaves

As well as on the furniture, even on the leaves of yours indoor plants dust is deposited, remember to gently dust them using a damp cloth. For all the detailed instructions, I refer you to the guide:how to clean the leaves.

Indoor plants to grow in the bathroom

What indoor plants can we grow in the bathroom? Just examine the environment of your bathroom to understand it. In general, the bathroom in a house is very humid and warm even in winter. What are the plants that tolerate high humidity?

They never want direct light, on the contrary, they can only grow well in a semi-shaded position (it is among indoor plants that grow well in low light). If the temperatures drop below 15 ° C you will have to stop watering, otherwise water every 3 days (in summer or if the radiators are constantly on). Make sure that the temperature is never higher than 24 ° C and never lower than 12 ° C.

It has large green leaves. There are many varieties, the green orange at the base of the leaves, shows itself with a fleshy and concave orange stem. There are examples of big dimensions: just think that each leaf reaches 30 cm in length.

Caladium bicolor
Unlike ferns that tolerate low light, these plants want a very bright environment even if never in full sun. These are plants with very ornamental leaves.

Indoor plants to grow in the kitchen

The kitchen environment is also humid but here the temperatures, due to the stove, are less constant. What plants to grow in the kitchen? Let's see some of them.

Lucky Bamboo
In recent years, the fashion of "Lucky Bamboo". It is not bamboo but branches of Dracaena sanderiana linked together. In Asian countries, this composition is given as a good luck charm. The composition should never be left without water or even exposed in full sun.

This is where we are talking about an evergreen indoor plant. It can be placed on top of the highest kitchen cabinets. They are among themore resistant houseplants. Even more resistant than ferns.

There are thousands of varieties, even large ones! They adapt well to the kitchen environment and are perfect for those looking for flowering houseplants.

Sansevieria cylindrica
Such a plant is very decorative. There are intertwined varieties on the market. They are very easy to grow: sansevierie are herbaceous perennial plants with long, rigid and fleshy leaves.

Indoor plants to grow in the living room

What indoor plants to grow in the living room? As a rule, the living room has a medium-large sized room and an area well exposed to light. In the living room you can putlarge houseplantsor small plants but that can give amaxi decorative effect.

Peperomia caperata
It is a compact and very colorful plant. It is a distant relative of pepper, should be wetted in moderation and is noted for its elongated and colorful leaves.

Magnificent Medinilla
This plant wants a lot of light but will reward you withfragrant flowers.If well maintained, it can occur between tall and large indoor plants: it can reach and exceed 120 cm in height. It is the plant shown in the photo above, above.

Where to buythe indoor plants mentioned in this article? At the most well-stocked nurseries or by taking advantage of online sales. For example, on Amazon a robust and well-running specimen of theMagnificent Medinillayou buy at the price of 39 euros with shipping costs included. For all information, I refer you to this Amazon page. A little expensive? Yes, the Medinilla has always been more expensive than the famous orchids.

Tall and large indoor plants

Palma Areca
Its name is Dypsis lutescens. It is among the indoor plants most appreciated and known. It is true, all plants release oxygen but the leaves of the Areca Palm are famous precisely because they can purify the air capturing harmful gas particles and releasing oxygen.

Indoor plants with flowers

For those looking for indoor plants with flowers, we also recommend the cultivation of these species.

Brighamia insignis
It looks like a miniature palm tree with cute yellow flowers, which is why Brighamia insignis is also known as Plant of Hawaii. It has a bright green color and is one houseplant particularly elegant.

Phalaenopsis multiflora
The Orchid is one houseplant with infinite beauty and extreme elegance. Orchids are perfect for growing in the living room. Recommended is the "butterfly" variety.

Begonia rex features velvety, fluffy leaves. It has a strong decorative effect and depending on the light, the vegetation takes on a silvery, rosy or greenish hue.

Desert Rose
It's about a indoor plant which blooms twice a year, loves to be placed in full sun and does not need a lot of care. Its real name is Adenium Obesum, and it is a succulent plant also known as Impala Lily.

Campanula isophylla
Its flowers can reach 4 centimeters, the most common variety has them in a purplish blue color. It's about a houseplant very popular, originally from Northern Italy. In the photo above.

Low-light houseplants

If you have shady corners or dark rooms with little light, you can choose indoor plants from the list provided on the page dedicated to low-light houseplants.

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