How to cure the cactus

How to cure the cactus

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How to care for the cactus: instructions for growing cacti in the garden (outdoors, in the ground) or in pots (at home or in the garden). From the soil to fertilization, from irrigation to planting.

Have you ever thought of embellishing the garden with succulents? They do not require special care ... therefore they are ideal for those who do not have a green thumb! Among the particularly suitable succulents, from cultivate in the gardenor at home, we find the cactus, an ornamental succulent plant native to the deserts of Mexico and various areas of South America. The cactus has larger flowers than the stem and leaves that arise from the areolas. On this page we will seehow to cure cactus following some useful indications.

Cactus, care

The cactus, like all fat plants, it has the ability to store large quantities of water in the stem, leaves and roots, so as to be able to survive for very long times without water supply. It can also survive in hostile environments with temperatures over 50 ° C and even tolerates cold. Many do not know this but several succulents tolerate temperatures even below -10 ° C. What succulents do not tolerate,cactusincluding water stagnation and excessively high humidity levels. For this reason, we will see what thecareto be allocated to these plants.

How to cure the cactus

Here are the needs of this succulent plant.

The cactus it needs a lot of light, therefore it is preferable to place them in the hottest areas of the garden, i.e. the sunniest ones. Full sun exposure is mandatory when growing in the open ground, in winter, in fact, the sun must be able todry plant and soilafter frequent seasonal rains.

II cactus prefers porous and draining soil mixed with sand, available in nurseries or in brico centers: it will be good to keep this in mind if you decide to plant a cactus in garden pots but also if you want grow cactus in open ground. The soil, in fact, will have to be corrected as explained in the page “how to plant a cactus“.

In addition to incorporating the sand into the soil (to increase its drainage), we advise you to incorporate granular material of expanded clay in the most superficial layers of the soil and along the entire surface. To get an idea of ​​the material you need, we refer you tothis Amazon page, where a sack of expanded clay in granules is offered for 12.80 euros with free shipping. To save on planting, you can add classic expanded clay, with a coarser granulometry (much cheaper) and not in fine granules like the one indicated, to the bottom of the plant hole.

Another recommendation concerns the purchase of sand: be careful not to buy construction sand, as these contain traces of unwanted materials.

- Fertilizer
During the growth period, the cactus needs fertilizer to have the right amount of minerals: it needs nitrogen to have a luxuriant growth, potassium for flowering and phosphorus to promote proper root development. In autumn it is a good idea to fertilize with potassium sulphate. Potassium, in fact, increases the tolerance of these plants to cold.

Where to buy potassium sulfate? In garden centers, at agricultural consortia or by taking advantage of online sales. On Amazon, a 1.25 kg pack of potassium sulphate is offered at a price of 19.20 euros with free shipping. It is useful for all plants that fear the cold.

For all information, I refer you to the page:Vitax potassium fertilizer

If you follow these simple directions, yourscactus it will live a long time and will be able to survive the winter even if grown outside.

Generally the cactus should be watered only a couple of times a month, but with considerable quantities of water: in the winter, as the metabolism of the plant slows down, it will be essential to reduce not so much the number of waterings as the amount of water supplied. Too much water would cause the roots to rot, a phenomenon to which the cactus is very sensitive. Therefore, keep an eye on the weather: in case of rain or intense humidity, irrigation must be completely suspended.

Warning: handle the cactus with adequate protection and well out of reach of children.

Video: Save Cactus From Rot. Rotting Cactus At Bottom of Mammillaria (June 2022).


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