Weather and climate

Weather and climate

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Weather, not what is measured with the clock and not even what "fugit" as the Latins teach us. The weather it is something instantaneous that must be distinct from the climate. Let's see why and what is said about these two different entities.

Weather: definition

When we talk about weather we mean to take into consideration information about the weather conditions of a certain place at a precise moment. This means that we consider the weather conditions as a whole, connecting those temperature, pressure, humidity and those that generally regulate winds, clouds and precipitation.

The layer affected by all this is only and almost only the closest to the ground, the troposphere, which is the area where the various phenomena that we all know and "suffer" every day originate from.

The weather is there specific condition of a short time interval, one day, a couple of days, certainly not an entire season, let alone if we start talking about years or decades. Meteorologists study the weather, science is meteorology.

Weather in English

In English he speaks of"Weather" and the British often talk about it even if they do not enjoy very encouraging conditions. Maybe they do it to play down. Let's see some typical English expressions about it, so that once in the UK, we can get in on the weather talk in a casual way.

"What's the weather like?" means "what was the weather like?" and we can respond or be answered "Sunny", "cloudy", "windy", "foggy", "stormy". If the weather is very bad, we will hear "what a terrible day!" and when "it's clearing up" improves until "the sun's come out".

Weather and climate

One can get confused between the two notions of weather and climate even if there is a substantial difference. The first relates to a specific moment, as we have said, and is not necessarily representative of the general trend of the weather in a certain area. On the contrary, instead, the climate is the set of meteorological conditions that we can observe in a given place over the course of a year, therefore a 12-month overview of what happens in terms of weather, which derives not from studies on a single year but over a much longer period of time in order to exclude the necessary exceptions. There is talk of a period of at least 30 years.

We no longer speak of meteorology, in this case, but of climatology.

To better understand the difference between weather and climate, let's think about when it happens that it rains in the desert, rain in the Sahara it is the time in the Sahara at that given moment but it is certainly not representative. More than analyzing temperature, pressure and humidity, as numbers, it is better to observe the reactions of organisms living in a certain area to understand what climate reigns.

Weather drawings

Weather: nursery rhymes

For children, rhyming rhymes are often used to describe the weather and distinguish rain, wind, sun, fog. There is one that is dedicated to the weather, however, entitled “Signor Metèo” and written by Pallavicini - Cotugno

Excuse me, Mr. Metèo
Careful child, you are getting the accent wrong
My name is Signor Mèteo
But I like Metèo a lot
Mr. Metèo ... you who are a friend of the clouds
Mr. Metèo ... you who are son of the satellite
I would like to know when the sun comes back
I should go on a trip to the sea
But meanwhile it's raining outside ... the rain never stops
Mr. Metèo… please come on… take care of it

Weather: idioms

Since time immemorial, the time affects the history of humanity and it is normal that there are many proverbs and idioms about it, many still used today. Here are a few, more or less known.

Rainbow brings the serene
Sky of wool if it doesn't rain today it rains during the week
Crow crying or rain or wind defy
When the moon has a springy ass, it soon rains on the sod
When the frog sings the weather changes
When the toad sings, the weather gets dark
The sirocco is born today, tomorrow it grows, the day after tomorrow it grazes

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