Hot forehead without fever

Hot forehead without fever

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Warm forehead it does not always mean fever, there are times when the cause has nothing to do with body temperature and it is good to investigate before treating yourself as if you had a fever even if it is not. It happens in children but also in adults, at any age let's not throw ourselves on antipyretics as soon as we perceive the forehead warmer than usual.

Hot forehead: causes

There are causes to be taken into consideration only for the female gender but which, in this context, are to be considered very frequent when it comes to hot foreheads. It can present itself for example during ovulation, when progesterone rises and with it the body temperature, or pregnant because the blood volume increases and can cause symptoms such as the sensation of being hot associated with an acceleration of the heart rate, nausea, shortness of breath and unpleasant sensations such as tiredness and dizziness.

The hot forehead can be too linked to menopause, to follow with respect to the classic "hot flashes" that arise from changes in hormonal levels.

Hot forehead without fever

When even though your forehead is hot, you don't have a fever, what is happening to you? Most likely nothing serious but by investigating the causes of this sensation, it is also possible to identify the most effective remedies.

There are cases where the forehead is hotter than ever because we are living a stressful time and we are therefore subject to hot flashes, just as trivially it can be a consequence of having ingested spicy foods that maybe we are not too used to. In addition to the hot forehead, there is often an increase in sweating and blood flow.

Who suffers from hyperthyroidism he may have the symptom of a hot forehead as a result of an acceleration of the metabolism, in this case he sleeps even little and becomes particularly nervous.

Warm forehead, cold hands

It is sometimes said "cold hands, warm heart", but this is not the situation we are considering. When the forehead is hot but the hands are frozen, it may be due to anxiety which also creates thermal imbalances in our body. The "power of the mind" some say. What happens is that the body releases chemicals to activate the “fight or flight” response which also increases the sensation of heat, even on the forehead.

Warm forehead: children

Children often have hot foreheads, it is not always a matter of fever although it is true that they very often have a fever. It is therefore correct keep their foreheads under control with touch but also understand if it is a seasonal illness or another type of problem, without automatically treating them as if it were theyet another fever caught in kindergarten or school.

Warm front: tips

If our forehead is warmer than normal, the first thing to understand is the degree of fatigue we have reached, and that of stress. The advice is therefore first of all to relax and focus on your state of mind and health, also checking if we feel chills or mild joint pain.

If the feeling persists it is better measure our fever and in any case go to a doctor who can prescribe us antipyretics such as paracetamol e vitamin and immostimulating complexes. Do-it-yourself is not good, also because it may be that other types of more specific treatments are suitable for us, depending on the symptoms associated with a hot forehead.

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