Types of cabbage

Types of cabbage

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Types of cabbage: the list of the best varieties of cabbage and broccoli. Tips for cultivation. Chinese cabbage, Sicilian cabbage, black cabbage, savoy cabbage… many useful tips.

There are manytypes of cabbage, all appreciated for their lightness and versatility in the kitchen. For example, in the photo above, there is a fleshy cabbage (left) and aChinese cabbage(To the right). They start from these.

Chinese cabbage

Its shape vaguely resembles that of romaine lettuce. it consists of fleshy and wide leaves, light green in color while inside it is almost silvery white. There are actually several types of Chinese cabbage, the one shown in the photo above is only the most cultivated for its goodness and high yield. ThePak-choi, for example, is among theChinese cabbagewith darker leaves. While what we propose is the Pe-tsai, each specimen, if well cultivated, can reach 2 kg in weight. It is sown in the open field, from May to August, you can anticipate sowing in April if you carry it out in a protected environment. For the purchase of seeds, you can contact the best-supplied agricultural consortia, i Chinese cabbage seeds, in fact, they are not very easy to find in the classic garden centers, those who prefer can take advantage of the online purchase. There is no shortage of varieties on Amazon, for the one we mentioned I refer you to this Amazon address.

Savoy cabbage turnip or kohlrabi

Thecabbage cabbage swedeis among thetypes of savoy cabbagemore unusual because it looks like a large fleshy root. On the market we find it under the name ofkohlrabi.The seeds, to germinate, need a temperature of 6 ° C but for itscultivation in the garden, it is generally recommended to wait until April. If grown in a greenhouse, sowing can be anticipated or it can take place in autumn with a winter harvest. Also in this case, for cultivation, we recommend a sachet of highly germinating seeds, available at “this Amazon address“.

Savoy cabbage

There are manyvariety of savoy cabbage, those with a flattened shape, those rounded,late varieties, early varieties, small or large. In the family garden we recommend choosing asavoy cabbagelarge, which can easily reach and exceed the weight of 1.5 - 1.8 kg. Savoy cabbage seeds are much easier to find in garden centers.

Choose the variety you like best, or take a look at the giant savoy cabbage available at "this Amazon page", You will notice that the advertiser states that they can reach 2 kg in weight, it is true but generally in the family garden this variety reaches a lower weight, as already reported, around 1.5 - 1.8 kg. It can be sown in early autumn or, in the greenhouse, even in winter. The classiccabbageis shown in the photo below.

Types of ornamental cabbages

Then there is no shortagetypes of cabbagefromcultivatefor ornamental purposes. In fact they are not edible, they are grown for the color of the leaves. I have already talked about it in the article: Cultivating ornamental cabbage.

Brussels sprouts

They are very popular for their sweet and delicate flavor. THEBrussels sprouts, also known assproutsorBrussels sprouts, are among the fewvariety of cabbagewhich can also be grown in pots. For all the cultivation instructions, I refer you to the guideGrowing Brussels sprouts. According to the variety ofsproutschosen, these can be sown at any time of the year.

Sicilian purple cabbage

The famous "choux violet de Sicileliterally,purple cabbage from Sicily, seems to be more famous in the rest of Europe than in Italy. It is a variation of the classicwhite cauliflower. Thepurple cauliflowerit is rich in anthocyanins, antioxidant pigments that give the vegetable its purple color. It can be grown both in spring / summer and between autumn and winter. In autumn and early winter, it is necessary to sow in a protected environment and plant well-developed plants, or cultivate in a greenhouse.

In late spring, however, it is possible to continue sowing in the open field. For the variety present in the photo above, I refer you tothis Amazon page, where a sachet of Sicilian purple cabbage seeds is offered at a price of 7.56 euros. Of course, if you live in Sicilian land it will be more convenient to find the seeds at the agricultural consortium of trust.

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