Cranberry: properties and benefits

Cranberry: properties and benefits

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American and European cranberry: plants and properties. The use of the supplement, bud extract * or juice such as natural remedy. Contraindications and useful advice.

The cranberryit's anatural remedyrecommended to lower and relieve the symptoms of fever. In addition, it is effective in cases of cystitis, flu, chronic fatigue and constipation. There are two cranberry, the American one and the European one. The properties are similar but there are some differences.

Cranberry, plant

Thereplantwhich produces iAmerican cranberriesfrom the multiplebeneficial properties to counter thecystitis is the speciesVaccinium macrocarponalso known asCranberry.

The cranberry (cranberry plant) is a low, creeping shrub. Due to its origins (North America), the plant is known as American cranberryorcranberry.

It has thin and woody stems, with evergreen leaves. It is also a very pretty plant: the flowers are dark pink and are able to attract bees and other pollinating insects.

TheEuropean cranberry, cowberry, is similarly a shrubby species. It has properties similar to cranberry and used in herbal medicine and gemmotherapy.

Both cranberry species (cowberry and cranberry) are popular for itsberries which turn red when ripe (initially they are light green).

For all information on the cultivation and the geographical distribution of theAmerican cranberry plant orEuropean cranberry I refer you to the dedicated page: "Cranberry, plant". In the article we also clarify the different properties of the two shrubs.

ThereAmerican cranberry planthas become famous all over the world for itsbeneficial properties. Let's start with the most sought after: the cranberry represents a useful remedy against cystitis.The European cranberry plant is a good natural remedy for irritable bowel syndrome, colitis and other gastrointestinal disorders.

Both remedies are useful against the flu, chronic fatigue, fatigue and have a powerful antioxidant action. Let's see in detail.

American cranberry and cystitis

Is the American cranberry really effective in fighting cystitis and other infections affecting the genital tract? Yup.

A study published in 2004 (Jepson RG, Mihaljevic L, Craig J.Cranberries for preventing urinary tract infections) highlighted the effectiveness of the products based on cranberry(natural juice, bud extract or supplements) to counteract relapsing and chronic infections of the urinary tract such ascystitis.

Cranberry, properties and benefits

Thanks to the high concentration of vitamin C, it includes strong property antioxidants, other bioactive substances give the cranberry propertiesantimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and disinfectant, useful against a good number of ailments. Particular benefits have been found for those suffering from constipation.

Due to its anti-inflammatory effect, cranberry is useful in the treatment of gingivitis and against rheumatoid arthritis.

Cranberry is also useful with high-fat meals to control postprandial blood sugar levels.

Cranberry, supplement

In herbal medicine it is easy to find different products based oncranberryorcranberry. From thecranberry juicewith dry extract, from dried cranberries to herbal blends.

On the market we also find the cranberry bud extract but, in this case, it is cowberry, that is the European cranberry, to be taken in drops diluted in water.

The gemmoderivati ​​are natural supplements and constitute the remedy at the base ofgemmotherapy. The cranberry bud extracts that we find on the market are obtained from the speciesVaccinium vitis-idaea (European cranberry)and are more suitable for those suffering from gastrointestinal disorders such as colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, constipation and abdominal bloating.

Where to buy the bud extract of cranberryVaccinium vitis-idaea? In herbal medicine or taking advantage of online sales. On Amazon, there are many proposals even at competitive prices and lower than what you might find in herbal medicine. For all information, I refer you tothis amazon page where you can choose the supplement that best suits your needs.

How to take American cranberry?

Also on Amazon there is no shortage of dry extract-based supplements. For intake, always read the directions on the label.

In general, for tummy upsets (such as irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea or constipation) you can take 30 to 50 drops of European cranberry bud extract after lunch and dinner.

While cranberry supplements are more useful in cases of cystitis and urinary tract infections. For the supplement useful against cystitis, I refer you tothis Amazon page.

Both fruits are rich in antioxidants (especially anthocyanins), vitamin A, vitamin C and can be useful in case of chronic tiredness and fatigue. The main difference is that the American cranberry has mild laxative properties while the European cranberry has a rebalancing action on the intestine.

Cranberry: nutritional values

An amount equal to 100 g of cranberry provides only 46 kcal in the form of:

  • 0.46 g of protein
  • 0.13 g of fat
  • 11.97 g of carbohydrates
  • 3.6 g of fiber
  • 8 mg of calcium
  • 0.23 mg of iron
  • 6 mg of magnesium
  • 11 mg of phosphorus
  • 80 mg of potassium
  • 2 mg of sodium
  • 0.09 mg of zinc
  • 14 mg of vitamin C
  • 0.012 mg of thiamine
  • 0.02 mg of riboflavin
  • 0.101 mg of niacin
  • 0.057 mg of vitamin B6
  • 1 mg of folate
  • 3 mg of vitamin A
  • 1.32 mg of vitamin E

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