Curious cats: photos

Curious cats: photos

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Curious cats, animals curious by nature and also curious to observe and study. Yes, because although the first domesticated cat dates back to 5,000 years ago, there are still many aspects that can surprise us, of these animals, always wrapped in an aura of mystery, even when they sleep blissfully on the sofa. What do they dream of?
THE curious cats they are to be told since ancient times, when they entered Chinese stables and granaries to keep away mice and other rodents. Over the centuries, they have become domestic, but they have remained curious!

Curious cats

Independent and solitary, but sometimes thirsty for cuddles and attention, cats are also terribly curious and if they see something new, they have to understand what it is. Apparently wary, then anyway they will approach to investigate. There are also many curiosities to discover around these cute felines he was also crazy about Abraham Lincoln which made history also because he was the first president to admit them to the White House.

He personally kept 4. Another well-known name that loved curious cats is la Queen Elizabeth that side by side with his famous corgi dogs he also had cats and his country is currently one of those most fond of cats and has a word on purpose to define one "Gang" of cats: "Clowder".

THE curious cats often meow if they cannot satisfy their curiosity, for example in knowing what we have in the closet or what is behind a closed door. Sometimes their meowing mimics the cry of a baby, in order to attract the attention of the owner. In terms of tastes, cats - curious thing - they do not perceive the sweet.

Another curiosity about cats is that they produce a phosphorescent urine if placed under the typical blue lamp of the investigation teams, because it is rich in phosphorus and some blood proteins.

Curious cats: photos

Curious cats: comedians

Sometimes for satisfy their curiosity cats become comical even without wanting to. Especially when they have to do with objects or environments they do not know. Try to propose this game to him with a foldable 3-way tunnel, you can also find it on Amazon for 14 euros. You will see how he will have fun, between assaults, shots and ambushes, and you will watch him invent adventures in which to play the "lion".

Curious cats: proverb

The classic proverb about curious cats is "the cat goes to the lard so much that it leaves us a hand". It is known to all, and it is a perfect image of the end that occurs when you are too curious or try too much. Another proverb about cats is about haste, it is also known: "The hasty cat makes blind kittens" of which there is also the form "the hasty cat made blind kittens, but the slow one ended up under a car".

Curious cats: names

There are very common names for cats, and others that are extremely original. In the first category we find Romeo, Pallina, Micio, Luna, Chicco / a, Birba, Trilly, Leo, Minù, and Briciola, often used also for small dogs. Between original and rare names but that are well suited to curious cats we find Anubis, Baghera, Cenerino, Flash, Fox, Meo, Mizzy, Pinky, Speedy, Tabata, Toffee, Torakiki and Wilma.

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