American Foxhound

American Foxhound

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American Foxhound, an American dog, a breed recognized by the International Cynological Federation (FCI) and included in group 6, with hounds. Among the promoters of this breed we find George Washington that at the end of the 18th century, imported different hounds from the British Isles and also French hounds from which, after various crossings, the first specimens of American Foxhound.

American Foxhound: characteristics

This dog is quite large, the males must not be less than 56 cm tall and the females must in any case be between 53 and 61 cm measured behind the tip of the withers. The American Foxhound it has a broad and full skull, an elongated but not too long muzzle, with a moderately pronounced stop. This dog's eyes are large and set wide apart, with one sweet expression, like a hound but gentle. The eye color can be either brown or hazel.

The body of this hound is muscular and strong, it has a deep chest and powerful but not stocky limbs, the tail is also thick and makes a slight curve. As for the coat of the American Foxhound, it is rough to the touch and of medium length, all colors are allowed, without vetoes.

American Foxhound: breeding

Mostly used for fox hunting, this dog is used to track it from ancient times, ever since it was created, especially for help the owner in hunting. The breed was recognized in 1886, over the years different types of American Foxhound but they all remained under the same name. To differentiate them are small details in appearance that the less experienced will probably have a hard time noticing.

American Foxhound: puppies

The puppies of this breed are lively and tireless, attentive and obedient from an early age in listening to their master's instructions. You can see that this dog is passionate about his job as a hunting dog, but proper training is always essential, constant and without forgetting that the dog has also need moments of socialization.

The puppies of American Foxhound therefore it is good that they are not always and only with the owner but that they also "hang out" with other people so they don't grow too wild and workaholics, suitable only for hunting foxes.

As puppies but also as adults, the specimens of Foxhound they can become “spiteful” and destructive if they get bored: this means scratching doors, urinating on objects and looking for knick-knacks and shoes to ruin. It is therefore better to immediately clarify the rules and on the other hand have these dogs do itlong walks that give them a way to let off steam in the open air and not in our house.

American Foxhound: character

Without a doubt we are dealing with an active, lively and full of energy dog. Has a nice character, positive, energetic, combative but never aggressive towards man, careful in hunting and even if he has to keep watch. If we can find a fault in him, he is very self-centered, if we do not give him enough attention he gets offended or "avenges himself" by making trouble.

With the master he shows himself sweet and docile and protects him, with strangers he is never very expansive, he loves being outdoors but at home, if well trained, he knows how to stay, even if there are children with whom he gets along very well but not too young because he can feel "threatened" from their liveliness and react badly.

American Foxhound: price

A specimen of this breed can cost from 800 euros upwards, today, but it is difficult to find in Europe where it is still not very widespread. The average life of a American Foxhound is 10-13 years old if you keep him fit, active and fed healthily.

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