Deutscher Jagdterrier

Deutscher Jagdterrier

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Deutscher Jagdterrier, a small dog of German origin. Its progenitor is the Fox Terrier with coarse hair of which it retains the solid structure and almost perfect proportions. It is an officially recognized breed, the FCI has included it in group 3, that of the "Terriers", together with other better known dogs such as Kerry Blue Terrier, Manchester Terrier, Brazilian Terrier and the Japanese Terrier.

Despite being small, the Deutscher Jagdterrier he needs a master with a very energetic character and physique because he has to do a lot of physical exercise and has a guard dog character, very suspicious of those he doesn't know.

Deutscher Jagdterrier: wild boar

Born to thrive in environments such as the woods, this dog is stubborn and agile at work very angry" with vermin among which we also find the boar, especially in some areas of Italy and Europe.

It is capable of hunting in the den and among the brambles, its small size allows it and as a character it has no problem: it is tenacious and determined.

Deutscher Jagdterrier: character

The character of this little Terrier is that of a brave dog. When is dedicated to hunting he is a fierce, tenacious and constant animal, even at home vital and with a remarkable temperament. His pace is that of someone who has no second thoughts, is safe and does not even get sick very often,

When he gets used to being a companion dog, he shows himself sweet to the master and family members and at the same time distrustful of strangers.

Deutscher Jagdterrier: breeding

After World War I, this breed was bred to be useful in hunting. Although classified as a German breed, the first specimens were bred mainly in England for a long time, and only at the end of the nineteenth century did breeding Deutscher Jagdterrier in Germany.

The Germans wanted, with the Deutscher Jagdterrier, get a dog that can pass the British Terrier in hunting and so they bred it until a few decades ago, when it became a dog also used as a pet.

Outside of continental Europe, today this breed is still not widespread, therefore it is also difficult to find farms in Italy that keep it.

Deutscher Jagdterrier short coat

This dog's coat is hard and dense, neither smooth nor short. Among the colors that are allowed by the standard, for the coat, there are tones that go from black, to black mixed gray to dark brown with lighter spots. White is allowed only in small quantities, on the chest and fingers.

Deutscher Jagdterrier: price

A puppy of Deutscher Jagdterrier it can cost 600 euros, approximately, or larger figures, hard to find without these. Although little known, it is an animal considered an excellent hunting companion and also a very sensitive and attentive four-legged friend. Born in the woods, he also lives well in the city and can be easily taken by car even if it should not be forgotten that he needs to exercise daily.

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