Manage time without waste

Manage time without waste

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Manage time it's one of the hardest jobs out there and it's not always easy to do. There are more and more tools at our disposal but the degree of stress also increases, the stimuli and the state of chaos of each one's days. Managing time is used to recover precious minutes and then dedicate them to our needs, not just work, so avoid burnout.

When we aren't or don't feel well organized, we often end up always be in a hurry and ending the day with guilt for not doing what they should have done. Given that, with or without stress, the hours we have are always the same number, better manage time as we know aiming to be well, serene.

Manage time and goals

To manage goals over time is essential draw up a "to do list", the most effective, even if not innovative, way to not forget what we are doing and why. It doesn't take long to make a list of goals, but it saves a lot during the day, so plan this activity in the morning and then no more worries or second thoughts until evening. It is also a saving than energy, the one required to try to remember each time what we still have to do by evening.

Manage time at work

Even at work, writing a to-do list is one of the first actions to learn to manage time. It is better then to assign a priority scale to each item so as not to neglect the essential tasks which, at the end of the day, could be heavier.

First the immediate deadlines, then, and the really necessary things, remembering us the 80/20 rule: only 20% of what we do determines 80% of our goals.

Time management: app

There are many apps to manage time, especially those that give the possibility of drawing up lists but also of post reminders. Better if you connect with your contacts so you can directly start a call or an email at the appointed time.

There are a lot of coloring apps and other series, it depends on what we want to help us in our day without becoming a annoyance with too many notifications. An app, instead of a written sheet, can help the distracted or hyper-connected, people who always have their mobile phone in hand, or almost.

Manage your free time

Even free time, without stress, can be managed in such a way don't end up wasting hours or days off doing anything trying to do everything. In this case, more than an app, a solution like this whiteboard with a monthly calendar suitable for short and medium-term planning can help. On Amazon it costs 14 euros and can also do from family calendar which brings together the commitments of multiple people so as to optimize everyone's efforts. It is also erasable, too, and with stickers and colors.

Manage time for study

In studying, in addition to setting goals, it is also important to define a series of different stages because long-term planning is also necessary as well as day to day.

With a calendar and a bit of colors, you can manage time better and at the same time give a touch of joy to the study hours. In the hours when you are with your head on the books, let us also remember that our mind has a limited ability to keep it concentration so every 45 minutes, about, let's take a short break, so every minute of study will make it better.

Manage time without waste

To manage time without waste, it is better to also do a action list what we do and how long they take us away. This is to have a better perspective on what commits us and what steals our time. Just a sheet of paper or, on the computer, an Excel spreadsheet, to write the log of a couple of days, identifying when we waste time and how.

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