Pedal assisted: bike and kit

Pedal assisted: bike and kit

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Pedal assisted, sometimes mythologized other times denigrated. On bicycles it seems to convince more and more people and Italy is catching up, lost ground because when other countries gave confidence to pedal assistance, in the Bel Paese people turned up their noses giving room to many prejudices towards these bicycles.

Bike assisted pedaling

Initially this pedaling could have made the bicycle heavier and "clumsy" but today these are no longer excuses to make if you don't want to use the bike. assisted pedaling. In recent years they have been done many advances in lowering costs and weight, the batteries last longer and the design has undoubtedly become more attractive.

There are big houses that have invested in e-bikes and pedal assisted bikes, like Bosch, Shimano and Samsung, making it a desirable and comfortable product. It is often taken because facilitates action, reduces effort and sweating but we must certainly not delude ourselves because pedaling with this vehicle still requires aerobic activity.

It is not a bicycle for those who do not want to struggle and not even for the elderly, the situations in which this model can be an excellent solution are those in which it is used the bike to go to work and you can't get there dripping with sweat. Or many urban cyclists love pedal assist if they have to tackle more journeys in a few hours.

Pedal assistance: remove sensor

Sensors exist following a European directive 2002/24 / EC of 18 March 2002, which explains how the vehicle equipped with an "auxiliary electric motor having a maximum continuous rated power of 0.25 kW, must have a progressively reduced power supply and finally cut off when the speed of 25 km is reached / I first if the cyclist stops pedaling "., It takes sensors, therefore, to monitor, that detect movement e transmit the consent signal to the motor for its goodwill.

Pedal assist kit

With the spread of these bikes, gods were also born kit to be mounted on any bicycle that immediately transform it into an electric two-wheeler. One of the first that stood out in Italy is that of start up Bikee Bike, it's called Best, connected to an app and which has 320, 420 or 550 Wh batteries. This kit is positioned where the bottle cage used to be.

There are others kit models, made in Italy and not, everyone can explore the novelties and variants and then choose the one that best suits the situation.

Pedal assisted: scooter

To clarify the difference between a pedal assisted bike and a scooter had to be defined with a few lines of highway code (Italian and European) limits. Electric bikes that exceed those limits with their own engine are not officially "bikes", but mopeds, so they must therefore have an insurance plate and so on.

The limit imposed on the engine is that of one maximum rated power 250W, moreover it must be activated automatically, and only at the same time as pedaling. As explained for the presence of the sensors, the power supplied must stop completely when 25 km / h is reached. The pedal assisted bikes that are not scooters and meet these criteria, they are called "pedal assisted bikes", "bipa" or "pedelecs".

Pedal assisted: prices

It is clear that a pedal assisted bike costs more than a normal bike, with the same "quality" and design value, because it requires more technology, but we no longer talk about the prices that were around ten years ago. Today to have a mid-range e-bike it takes about a thousand euros but for the more advanced models the price triples.

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