Norsk Elghund gray

Norsk Elghund gray

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Norsk Elghund gray, or black, there are two varieties and they are both fascinating. This breed is Nordic, much of the wolf, it was originally used for hunting.

Norsk Elghund gray

The Norsk Elghund gray is a medium-sized dog, the males reach a height of 52 cm at the withers, the females 49 cm, their weight is of about 22 Kg. Proportionate and compact, this dog has the typical appearance of a Nordic hunter with a broad and straight back, the chest sunken and very extended, a highly developed muscle structure. The feet are solid, compact, with tight toes and strong nails when walking the Norsk Elghund gray has a fast, free and rapid pace.

Long and broad, the muzzle is pointed and ends with a black truffle, also the eyes are dark and expressive, the ears tend to be pointed while the tail curls up on the back.

The This Northern dog's coat is coarse, dense, hard, abundant and smooth, usually not of uniform length but longer on the neck, chest and tail, there is also a collar around the neck. In Norsk Elghund gray it is obvious that it is gray in color, varying between all shades, in the black version it is much darker and brighter.

Norsk Elghund gray: price

Little widespread in Italy, this dog costs a lot for this too, in addition to the fact that it is an elegant and intelligent dog. Difficult to find a copy of Norsk Elghund gray for less than 900-1000 euros.

It was once used as hunter of moose, wolves, deer and roe deer, or as a towing dog on the snow and is still very resistant to all climatic conditions. Among his qualities also his excellent sense of smell and his playful nature which over the years have allowed him to win a good reputation even as a companion dog. It costs a lot but it must also be said that it is a very resistant, robust breed and very rarely gets sick.

Norsk elghund gray: character

As mentioned, it is a dog that can be used both for hunting and as a companion in domestic life. This is because it has a respectful character, honest and sweet, he is intelligent and easily trained. In the family, he is affectionate and playful, he becomes fond of his master and obeys immediately, in the presence of children he takes care of them in a loving way.

You can hold a Norsk Elghund gray even in the apartment because he is very polite, of course he must be taken out frequently because he loves and needs to take long walks. With those he does not know he is suspicious but not aggressive.

Norsk Elghund gray: herds

The first specimens of this breed have been sighted in huge Norwegian forests, right where it was born and developed. We see this dog also depicted in a lot of graffiti and fossils dating back to the stone age, which makes us understand its ancient origins and its propensity to be close to man.

The Vikings apparently raised it and then took it with them on travels and how elk, wolf, deer and roe hunter. Today in Italy these dogs are quite rare to find, especially if they have black fur, while the gray ones are bred in various parts of Europe.

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