Why the lemon loses its leaves

Why the lemon loses its leaves

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Why the lemon loses its leaves: the causes and the most effective remedies to prevent lemon leaves from falling. What to do in case of yellow leaves and falling lemon leaves.

Why does lemon lose leaves?There lemon leaf fall it can be due to many factors. Some of thecauses they are common at any time of the year, whether thefall of leavesoccursin summerthat in spring or in the colder seasons, autumn and winter, other causes, on the contrary, are linked to climatic factors.

Thereleaf fallit is often associated with another lemon problem: yellow leaves. On this page we will examine two very common cases, the lemon that loses its leaves in summer (or at any other time of the year) and the lemon with falling yellow leaves.

Why the lemon loses leaves, the causes

When thelemon loses leaves, whether grown in pots or in the ground, these are the most common causes:

  • The lemon tree receives little light.
  • The lemon tree has not been pruned for too many years and the foliage is not very ventilated, so the tree loses leaves.
  • If the lemon loses leaves in winter, you probably didn't fertilize it in summer and so it can't stand the cold.
  • Even if the lemon loses its leaves in the summer, the cause is found in poor fertilization.
  • The lemon can lose its leaves in case of scarce or irregular watering.
  • In the case of potted lemons, the leaves may fall due to lack of repotting.
  • If the lemon has a lot of fruit, this overload could induce a sudden fall of the leaves because the plant has difficulty in preserving both the fruit and the leaves, so it decides to sacrifice the latter.

In case of lemon with falling yellow leaves, there can be two reasons. In order of probability, the yellow leaves they are linked to nutritional deficiencies in the soil so you should act quickly with a suitable fertilizer.

The second cause is more unfortunate because it doesn't see such simple resolutions. Some fungal diseases can cause root rot. The first symptoms of root rot are the yellowing of the leaves and the fall of the leaves.

What to do?
Try to fertilize the lemon as I will write later. If the plant does not improve rapidly, do a repotting urgently and check the root system and cut off the rotting roots, treated with a fungicide and replace the soil with new fresh soil. This is a desperate move because when the roots rot there is little to do.

Lemon leaking leaves, what to do

To prevent that theleaf fallcan perpetuate itself, here are godsremediesvery effective that interface with the care to be dedicated to lemon cultivation. Here's what to do for avoid the fall of the lemon leaves.

  • Perform regular watering especially if the plant is in a pot. In summer, irrigate more frequently and in winter add water every 10 days if the seasonal trend is dry. At any time of the year, the soil must never remain soaked with water.
  • In case oflemon in vase, carry out a repotting between April and May, if the measures of the pot are adequate only a change of the soil. Like? Irrigate abundantly and lift the sod from the pot, remove most of the soil not directly anchored to the roots and replace it with fresh soil by placing the plant in the same pot.
  • Pay attention to fertilizations.

How to fertilize lemon

During the year, carried outfertilizationsperiodic. If the citrus fruit is grown in the ground, fertilize in spring - to prepare the plant for the heat of summer - and in early autumn - to prepare the plant for the cold. In the case of potted lemons, the addition of fertilizer must be more frequent as prescribed on the fertilizer purchase package. For lemon with yellow leaves or with leaves that fall quickly, you can perform an emergency intervention with ox blood enriched with chelated iron. Ox's blood brings both nitrogen and iron to the lemon plant, perfect for counteracting leaf fall and allowing the plant to photosynthesize and re-green the yellowed tissues.

For ordinary fertilization and sustenance, ground lupine is perfect. For all information on dosages and where to buy it: ground lupine.

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