List of types of cooking salt

List of types of cooking salt

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List of types of rooms: from sea salt to iodized salt, names of colored salt and all chemical properties. Advice for use.

There are many types of salt which differ in color and trace minerals. Regardless of the type of salt, the chemical composition is the classic one, of sodium chloride (NaCl), as anticipated, the types of salt do not differ in primary chemical composition but in the presence of other traces of minerals. The color, the flavor and the properties of different types of salt they are linked precisely to the presence of these different mineral traces.

As a first classification, we can say that there is asea ​​saltit's amine salt. In the rock salt, the salt crystals, with time and the drying up of water basins, have formed entire deposits that currently represent the extraction and production site of the various types of mine salt.

The sea ​​salt, on the other hand, it is obtained from the evaporation of salt water (sea or ocean) in saline.

Sea salt and mine salt

When it comes to sea ​​salt, the colors and the variety of flavors are due to the local clays added during the crystallization process or naturally present in the salt pans. In some cases, the characteristics and properties of salt, whether it is marine or obtained from deposits, can be linked to the algae found in the waters from which the salt is collected.

When it comes to mine salt or rock salt, refers to salt extracted from deposits that were formed where ancient sea beds existed. In this case, the properties and color of the salt are linked to the presence of trace minerals that over time have incorporated into the crystalline stratifications of sodium chloride.

List of salt types, properties and colors

In this paragraph we will see thelist of types of rooms. Just click on the name of the salt to access detailed information on where to find it, how to use it in the kitchen and what are its origins and property.

Halen Môn Salt or Anglesey Sea Salt

It is a Welsh sea salt extracted from the salt flats of the Menai Strait, in AngleseyIt is very popular in Great Britain, little known in the rest of Europe.

Red salt from Hawaii

Hawaiian sea salt is among the oldest salts marketed in the world. Its color is linked to the massive presence of iron oxides, obtained from the crystallization process in close contact with red clay. For all information: Hawaiian red salt

Black salt from Cyprus or Black salt from Hawaii

Also known asBlack Lava Salt, has absorbent properties linked to the presence of vegetable carbon, it is a sea salt. It is not produced from local natural clays but from a product used both for the production of food supplements and food coloring. This is more of a publicity stunt than a traditional salt. For all information: black salt from Hawaii or Cyprus

Purple salt, Indian black salt or Kala Namak

Black Indian salt, or purple salt, is a mine salt. It has a very particular flavor and its color is also linked to the presence of sulfur compounds. It has a vaguely reminiscent smell of eggs and has interesting properties. For all information: Kala Namak black salt.

Smoked salt or copper salt

(pictured above)

Among the colors of the salt, this is tinged with sand! It is a very old sea salt, used in Viking traditions. It can also be prepared at home with a DIY process. For all information, please refer to the page: smoked salt.

Breton gray salt and French gray salt

It is oceanic salt of Celtic origin. The French one has managed to obtain a large number of awards for its typicality. Gray salt is obtained by adding gray clay during the natural crystallization process of salt water. For all information: gray salt.

Pink Himalayan salt

It is a mined salt extracted from deposits located 200 km from the Himalayan mountain formation. It is one of the most popular types of colored salt. For all information: Himalayan pink salt.

Blue salt from Persia

Theblue salt of Persiait is a rocky salt extracted from a deposit where a reservoir once stood, in today's Iran. Its color is linked to the presence of potassium. It is a very expensive salt because demand exceeds supply: only a few tons are produced per year. For all information: blue salt of Persia.

Salt for hypertensive

You are looking for gods types of salt suitable for those suffering from arterial hypertension? Know that any type of salt listed above is mainly composed of sodium chloride so it is not suitable for those suffering from arterial hypertension or for those who want to counteract water retention. In this case it might be useful to use celery salt. A variety of celery is used which vaguely recalls the flavor of salt on the palate. For every information:how to make celery salt at home.



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