Chronic insomnia: remedies

Chronic insomnia: remedies

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Chronic insomnia, when you suffer from it, the quality of life changes, and a lot, and so does our performance, at work and in personal relationships. There are indeed scientific studies that have proven how chronic insomnia leads to consequences in the brain that it "eats its neurons" to defend itself. When we have the habit of not sleeping at night, a self-destruction process of brain cells and connections between neurons and this could even lead to an increased risk of getting Alzheimer's. Beyond this subject hypothesis of studies, we know well that by sleeping less the brain works worse, and not just the brain.

Chronic insomnia: causes

L'chronic insomnia it is a rather common problem, in Italy almost a third of the population suffers from it and it is usually women and elderly people who most frequently have sleep problems. At the base ofchronic insomnia there can be direct or indirect causes, it can be a symptom of another medical or psychiatric disorder or a manifestation of its own, independent of other diseases. If so, then insomnia can be from adaptation, subjective, from inadequate sleep hygiene, idiopathic, psychophysiological. The most common is precisely the latter.

It can also happen that a slight insomnia problem, underestimated, becomes chronic insomnia, this can also happen because of internal stimuli and environmental factors lead us to repeat sleepless behaviors. For interiors we mean thoughts and mental states, for environmental instead the room, habits and those personal rituals that precede sleep. If we begin to associate them with not sleeping, one sleepless night leads to another and it becomes chronic.

Chronic insomnia: remedies

There are some simple tricks and that it costs nothing to try to try to improve one's insomniac status. Always go to bed at the same time and not immediately after dinner, for example, and at dinner do not eat too abundantly or heavily.

Those who are sensitive to coffee and tea, better not drink them in the evening. As for the environment, it is better that the room in which we sleep is not the same in which we work, if possible, for the habits of life, moreover, we avoid the afternoon nap that "steals" sleep at night. Other remedies for insomnia indedicated article, for adequate nutrition, there is also the diet for insomnia recommended.

Chronic insomnia: homeopathy

Herbal medicine, in case of chronic insomnia, can help. For example, it can be introduced in the evening, the habit of sipping a relaxing herbal tea, based on one of the suitable herbs such as hawthorn, chamomile, escolzia, griffonia, hops, sweet clover, lemon balm, poppy, passionflower, linden and valerian. There are however numerous recipes for herbal teas for sleeping.

Chronic insomnia: medication

Before embarking on drug therapy, it is best to understand what causes our chronic insomnia. The most used drugs are those anxiolytics / sedatives and antidepressants but they should certainly not be taken at random, without consulting a doctor. Sometimes a supplement of Magnesium Orotate, when insomnia depends on stress, another useful substance is melatonin, available as capsules, slow-release tablets or drops.

Chronic insomnia consequences

What happens when you don't get enough sleep for a long time is well known. The mood worsens but so does the health, organs like the brain but not only begin to function badly, you have one increasing irritability and a noticeable loss of cognitive abilities. In addition to frequently dozing off during the day.

Chronic insomnia: anxiety

Chronic insomnia can also be due to a perennial state of anxiety, you can undertake a therapy with a psychotherapist and in the meantime read "37 Strategies To Overcome Insomnia And Live Happy”.

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