Pumice stone: where to buy and price

Pumice stone: where to buy and price

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Pumice stone, useful to make our feet more aesthetically pleasing but also the protagonist of less obvious and well-known interventions, yet just as useful. It can in fact be used for remove unwanted hair or for imperfections that do not concern the feet.

Pumice stone: where to buy

Often found the pumice stone in a beauty kit that you already have at home or that you buy, even in travel kits, perhaps in extra small size, as a suitcase. You can too buy in stores who sell body care products or in well-stocked supermarkets.

If you find many on the market, however, sometimes betting on the cheapest becomes a problem because you find yourself in the hands of particularly hard pumice stones which may be good for the feet, perhaps, but not for other areas of the body. As long as it comes to calluses and corns in fact, on these extremities, even a hard pumice stone does no damage, if however we have to pass it in delicate areas, it is better to choose a softer type.

Pumice stone: feet

The classic use of this stone is for the feet. Thanks to his natural structure with abrasive action, when it is passed on the skin of the feet it removes dead cells, smoothes the heels and manages to mitigate the presence of corns and calluses.

Pumice stone price

The cost of a stone like this is really modest, we can online buy one for 5 euros, light and suitable both for removing dead skin and blemishes, if dry, and for removing calluses, in the shower.

Pumice stone: how to use it

When using the pumice stone on the feet to smooth the heels it is necessary to make delicate circular movements and then wipe with a damp and warm cloth to remove dry skin. If we want to optimize the results of this operation, we spread some moisturizer on the affected area.

Pumice stone for corns

THE also calluses of the hands can be treated with pumice stone, the important thing is to act delicately and choose a stone that is not too hard. To deepen possible remedies for corns and calluses I recommend the dedicated article.

Pumice stone: hair removal

Also unwanted hair can be removed using the pumice stone. If before it was used only for the feet, today more and more people know its effectiveness even when it comes to eliminate ingrown hair or to depilate in the most natural way possible arms.

In the shower, after you moisturized the skin adequately, we can use this stone by rubbing the affected part always in a delicate way and completing circular movements. Six good results are obtained, let's not expect those equal to a waxing, but if it comes to areas such as that of the arms, we can be satisfied.

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