The fruit, should it be eaten before or after the meal?

The fruit, should it be eaten before or after the meal?

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There are many positions about food. The one with fruit before or after meals is one of many positions.

There are manybenefits that fruits bring usThey are nutritious and healthy foods, with a good supply of water, which contain fibers, vitamins and various minerals, essential and indispensable for our body.

Fruits should not be lacking in a healthy and balanced diet. Each of them contain interesting benefits for our health, being useful in the prevention of cancer (due to its antioxidant and fiber content), high cholesterol and triglycerides, obesity and being overweight.

The World Health Organization recommends eating 400g of fruits and vegetables a day to avoid cardiovascular diseases and some types of cancer. This would come to is five portions daily.

But when to eat the fruit? These are the arguments, you decide:

Why eat fruit before meals?

  • Provides satiety: thanks to its high fiber content, eating fruit before meals will help to satisfy our appetite, which in turn will prevent us from consuming excessive food later.

  • It is best to eat the fruit about an hour before the meal to avoid digestive discomfort: when the fruits are eaten after the meal, it is more likely that a fermentation of the sugars occurs and that our stomach is not able to digest them correctly, which in turn generates digestive discomfort (such as bloating, gas and stomach pain). Of course, we must not confuse that digestively the fruits consumed before meals is more advisable with that eating fruit is harmful, since fruit is always beneficial.
  • Helps to improve digestion: the fruit is rich in acidic substances capable of stimulating the secretions of our stomach, which in turn helps to make digestion well.

Why eat the fruit after meals?

  • Traditionally it is eaten as dessert, we can continue to maintain the custom if we do not modify the rest of the meal. In other words, we can have fruit as a dessert within a context of balanced diet (it must be remembered that balance is not achieved in a single meal but throughout the days, approximately 2 weeks)
  • The digestive system is efficient enough and its capacity to use vitamins is very high, too many vitamins sensitive to the acid medium are not lost.
  • Eating the fruit as a dessert avoids the ingestion of other types of foods (sweets, etc.) that have a higher caloric value and fat content. It is also good as a dessert because the acids they contain help to clean the mouth.
  • It is also demystified that if the fruit is taken after meals, it ferments in the stomach. The fruit does not ferment in the stomach, regardless of whether it is taken before or after eating. The stomach is not a department divided into different heights, so the fact that the fruit is taken at the end of the meal does not mean that it is in the upper part of the stomach and is going to ferment.

Why eat fruit between main meals?

  • As a snack or mid-morning to make the most of its vitamin qualities. Being alone in the stomach, the fruit will stay in contact with strong acids for less time and therefore the vitamin loss will be less.


If your problem is excess weight, fruit, like other foods, provides the same calories regardless of when you take it. If you eliminate it from the main meals, do not replace it with another dessert and take it at mid-morning and as a snack. Any other option is also valid as long as you do not eliminate it from your diet.

If there is no health problem, you can take it whenever you want, whatever you are in the habit of or whatever seems most pleasant. But without prejudice.

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