"BUBBLE PEOPLE" Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

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"BUBBLE PEOPLE". Full report in Spanish and English on SQM of Samanta Connection for Cuatro TV (traducc./subt .: Bárbara Tortosa)

2011 It has been the year that multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) has had a great media boost and social diffusion in Spain, thanks to "Bubble People", a report made in May by the well-known program "Conexion Samanta", from Cuatro TV (one of the best-known state channels in Spain).

The documentary presents –through the common thread of the renowned journalist Samanta Villar– a day in the life of several MCS patients with different situations and varying degrees of illness: his continuous and extreme daily limits due to MCS, his environment, his reflections, his problems and willpower, his dignity and day-to-day focus based on the damage caused by uncontrolled chemicals that enter his "bubble" and the resistance that your health offers ...

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