Quince sweet with muscovado sugar

Quince sweet with muscovado sugar

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Quinces are harvested in the southern hemisphere in April and it is a classic to prepare sweets and jellies that we can spread on toast or use in some pepa cookies or in a pastry.

The difference with this recipe is that we will use muscovado sugar, which is healthier and more natural.

Let us begin

We wash and brush the quinces very well, they usually come with a fluff and you have to remove it. Once we clean them well, we cover them with water in a pot and bring them to a boil over medium heat. Once it boils, lower the heat and leave it for 10 more minutes.

Remove from the heat, discard the water and let the quinces cool a bit. Cut into halves, remove the hard parts and their seeds (you can keep them, place them on a canvas or gauze and add them to the next preparation to add color. This is useful if you are going to do it with white sugar, with the masacabo it is not necessary because it already has color) and cut into small pieces.

This is the moment when we are going to weigh it to calculate the amount of sugar we are going to need. For example, for 2 kg we add 50% muscovado sugar into a double bottom pot, also water until it covers the preparation and passes 1 finger. We place on the fire and cook until the quinces are tender, stirring from time to time with a spoon so that it does not stick to the bottom. It takes time, so don't rush your pace. Once tender we process carelessly with the mini pimer (by this I mean that there are some pieces of the quinces left, in case you don't want them, they process everything). We cook until we have the desired consistency.

How do we know when the jam is ready?

We take a plate, fill it with cold water and place a tablespoon of the preparation, if it does not spread out and stay in place, it is ready.

How do we pack it?

We take the glass jars that we have and place them with their separate lids in boiling water and leave them for a few minutes. We dry well with a clean cloth and they are ready to use. I would say that this is the first step when making the jam. Once we have the jam, we fill the jars, close tightly and leave them upside down until it cools.

Ready. They made their homemade jam. How do you feel? I love it and I enjoy it a lot, I hope you do too.

Clarification: Generally, jams are made 1: 1 the same amount of fruit as sugar, but being muscovado sugar that is sweeter, its flavor is similar to molasses, it has more nutrients and is healthier. If you decide to do it with white sugar, use the 1: 1 ratio for a better result.

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