They call for the end of the dog meat festival

They call for the end of the dog meat festival

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A group of animal rights activists collected 235,000 signatures to call on the government of Guangxi, China, to end the annual Yulin dog meat festival.

At this festival, thousands of cats and dogs will be"Brutally murdered and eaten", despite the fact that the sale of this type of meat is currently prohibited in the country, according to organizations such as Humane Society International, Care2, VShine and Capital Animal Welfare Association.

The order requires the rulers, among other actions, to block and control routes to prevent illegal trucks from entering the gruesome Yulin event. In addition, they ask for the imposition of heavy fines and confiscation of the animals that will be placed in the care of the activists.

The organizations denounce that many of the dogs and cats are pets stolen and lost from the streets, which endure to be led for days throughout China to Yulin, piled up in cages until they reach the slaughterhouse where they are generally beaten to death.

It is a popular belief that in China people continue to eat dog meat and that the festival is a traditional activity for years, on the contrary, it was created just 8 years ago by meat traders to reactivate sales.

As part of the protest, the HSI organization also encouraged Internet users to upload photos with their pets to social networks, in solidarity with the suffering of animals in Yulin.

"The annual Yulin festival symbolizes the cruelty of this abhorrent trade and in a few days thousands of dogs and cats, mostly stolen pets, will give their last terrified breaths in a slaughterhouse"said Adam Parascandola of HSI.
The activist claimed to have witnessed “of the horror of that scene firsthand”And demanded that, as China celebrates the Year of the Dog this year,"There is no better opportunity to end suffering".

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Video: Inside Chinas brutal dog meat trade where 10 million dogs a year are killed, cooked and eaten (June 2022).


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