Cook your own rice cakes

Cook your own rice cakes

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Rice crackers have been found in supermarkets for a while now, and they have become a healthier option during those times when you feel like snacking.

Rice crackers are a food that falls within the category of cereals. A single serving of rice crackers (we consider a serving as 1 cake, that is, about 9 grams of rice crackers) contains approximately 35 calories.

These cookies are very easy to make and you can cook them sweet or salty, becoming the perfect companion for eleven, soups, snacks during the day and whatever you want.


-1/2 cup of white rice

-1 1/2 cup of water

-a teaspoon of salt (if you want them salty)

–Miel (for sweet cookies)


Put the rice in a pot and let it boil for about 20 minutes. Then let it cool.

If you want some saltine crackers, you separate part of the rice and add salt to it.

Next, put baking paper in the oven and with a spoon you add the rice in the form of medallions. Leave a few inches between each cookie.

Cook them for about 45 minutes at 180º, or until they are crispy and golden.

If you want some sweet tasting ones, add a few dribbles of honey to them before they cool completely.

So you can enjoy these cookies accompanied with whatever you want. Fruits, cream cheese, avocado, egg, etc.

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