Ecooblom: Fish feed the plants and the plants take care of the fish

Ecooblom: Fish feed the plants and the plants take care of the fish

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The EcoGarden uses a principle better known as 'aquaponics'. This is an ancient growing method that uses fish waste as a source of nutrients for plants. In turn, the plants naturally filter the water that is recirculated to the fish. Isn't it amazing?

An ancient method of cultivation

This cultivation method, which dates back to the Mayan Indians and the Aztecs, is known as aquaponics and is one of the most sustainable food production systems known today. Ecobloom modernizes this growing method with EcoGarden. Sustainable, natural and simply amazing!

Up to 95% more water efficiency

The roots of the plants absorb the nutrients and filter the water for the fish. Create a self-sustaining ecosystem where both benefit from each other.


Aquaponics uses up to 95% less water than traditional farming methods.

Higher productivity can be achieved through growth with higher yields.

No soil is required, as the plants grow on gravel or clay pallets.

Completely organic and sustainable, no pesticides are used in the process.

Plants and fish take care of each other, creating a self-sustaining environment.

2x faster growth

Growth in aquaponics is 2 times faster than traditional growing methods.

What it will do for you

You grow and enjoy 100% fresh and organic herbs and vegetables all year round. Completely free of pesticides.

A beautiful piece of furniture, perfect for the kitchen counter or office desk.
A great centerpiece for your home.

Since it's smart, you don't have to depend on your neighbors to feed your fish or water your plants. It does it for you.

You are always exposed to the relaxing and therapeutic effect of having an aquarium. Improve your well-being!

The fresh smell and the addition of oxygen to your environment will contribute to your health.

Growing up in a stress-free and relaxing environment. Take a break from your daily tasks and pause for a moment.

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