Eggless vanilla flan

Eggless vanilla flan

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Normally most of the flans that we find in the market, contain traces of egg. Many times it is difficult for us to find vanilla puddings without this type of trace. for all those children who are allergic to eggs.

  • Liquid candy (we can use packaged candy or make it at home)


  1. We put a littlecandy in a large pan or small individual ramekins. The best are the silicone ones to remove the mold better.
  2. In acasserole Put the milk, the vanilla (if you use a pod you will have to open it and scrape the inside), the sugar and the orange peel over the fire, we leave it over low heat until it starts to bubble. We take out a saucepan and put it in a glass to dilute the gelatin.
  3. We add thejelly and we dilute it well and out of the fire we mix with everything else.
  4. Remember that if you use gelatin in daughters you will have to hydrate them for 10 minutes in water before mixing them with the hot milk.
  5. We put in the molds and leave to cool in the fridge for a few hours until completely set.

Quick trick

Heat half a liter of the vanilla shake from the one they sell on the heat and follow the recipe. The flavor is not so natural but for egg intolerance problems it is a quick remedy to enjoy flan.

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