The strange rectangular iceberg spotted by NASA

The strange rectangular iceberg spotted by NASA

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Nature follows specific laws, but the results are often patchy and asymmetrical, like clouds and the shoreline and ocean waves. So when NASA scientists flying over the North Antarctic Peninsula last week as part of Operation IceBridge discovered a well-cut rectangular chunk of iceberg floating in the middle of a shattered ice mix, they all thought it was quite interesting. .

While relatively straight-edged icebergs are common, this was the first time anyone had seen an iceberg with two corners at right angles, explained Jeremy Harbeck, Operation IceBridge support scientist.

This type of rectangular formation is called a tabular iceberg. They're wide and flat, and long, like sheet cake, said Kelly Brunt, an ice scientist at NASA and the University of Maryland. They separate from the edges of the ice shelves like nails that break when they grow too large. These fracture lines can form interesting geometric structures like rectangles and triangles. This particular rectangular iceberg is about a mile wide and has just broken off the Larsen C Ice Shelf.

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