Flies, Mice and Cockroaches will never come near your HOUSE again if you do this

Flies, Mice and Cockroaches will never come near your HOUSE again if you do this

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Insects are a huge nuisance in the home. They are carriers of millions and millions of bacteria, which are transmitted to food when they settle on them. In turn, this exposes us to contracting a bacterial disease.

On the other hand, we have mosquitoes, which are increasingly carriers of more diseases. In recent years, mosquitoes have gone from being infected with dengue, to carrying many other diseases such as chikungunya and many others. That is why it is so important that we get rid of this plague as soon as possible.

In the last line, we are going to mention the annoying mice. They destroy our supplies, ruin our belongings, and wear out our patience. Also, your urine and feces carry diseases such as leptospirosis. So their presence in our home is a real health hazard.

In the three cases we have mentioned, all three pests turn out to be very dangerous. However, it is not only these that generate a problem at home with their presence. There are many other insects and animals that are a real danger to us. Surely you like so many others want to get rid of them in the shortest possible time.

How We Will Treat These Hard-to-Eliminate Pests

By now you have probably turned to insecticides, and other insect traps. However, you were probably disappointed with the results. And the thing is, the products that we get in the supermarket are not as effective as you would like. Besides that, they are usually very expensive, so not everyone can have access to them.

But we have very good natural products to combat them. These, apart from being very cheap, are 100% effective and do not cause us any harm. With them we can eliminate pests from our home quickly and easily. In this video, we will talk about 2 ingredients with which you can eliminate them quickly.

The first of these ingredients is lemon.

This fruit is well known for its delicious and refreshing taste. Many people use it to take care of their health, due to its many beneficial properties. However, this is also very good when it comes to fighting pests in our home. Later we will tell you how to use it for this purpose.

On the other hand, we have cloves.

Like lemon, many use it for medicinal purposes due to its healing power. However, it also has other properties that scare away pests from our home. When we mix both the lemon and the sweet cloves, we get the most powerful natural insecticide of all. Next, we will tell you how to use it for this purpose.

What will we need

Lemons (2 units).

Sweet cloves.

Way of Preparation and use:

The preparation of this natural repellent is much simpler than you can imagine. To start, we must chop the lemons right in half. Now, with great patience, we must insert several sweet cloves into the cut face of the lemons. With that we will have the best pest repellent ever seen.

What we have to do is put the lemons in the areas most frequented by these pests. It's usually in the kitchen, closet, basement, and other places like these. By mixing both ingredients, a strong smell is given off that simply drives away all pests. That way, you will end this problem without using dangerous insecticides.

If insects and other pests are your problem, you already know that you have a powerful natural insecticide. Prepare it in your own home and let it act for several days, you will notice that the pests will leave your home.

Video: Scientists Explain Why You Cant Get Rid of Cockroaches (June 2022).


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