We need a profound change to avoid human extinction

We need a profound change to avoid human extinction

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Very few want to acknowledge it; very few want to deal with the origin of this threat: humanity may disappear in this century through consumerism, violence and predation that is exacerbated throughout the world; it may disappear because of the dangers inherent in modern technologies, because of global warming and because of the globalization of ecological disaster.

Modernity is affected by a terminal illness, but before dying it becomes more dangerous and destructive. The years to come will be decisive for the survival of humanity; before ten years the first world collapses may appear; it can increase violence to a degree never seen in history. We live in an increasingly rarefied environment.

The situation is in such a dangerous way that we need to stop in everything we do, stop our usual activities and do a long meditation around toxic waste, air pollution, poisoning of the seas, rivers, lakes, wetlands, soil degradation, the death of forests and jungles, the disappearance of clean water, climate disaster, poverty, insecurity and growing militarism, the deranging of society and the human person, the destruction of ancient cultures and the disarticulation of values ​​in modern society. Unravel how we got to this disaster and how we can get out of it.

To advance in the defense of Nature it is essential to initiate the revolution in our minds, in our imagination; open ourselves to another way of thinking very different from the one taught in schools, great enemies of society; see the world with different eyes; earnestly desire our liberation from the addictions that modern life imposes on us.
Denounce the futility of most of the government or academic programs and plans for the defense of Nature, linked to quantitative, techno-scientific, economic or technocratic concepts; They have not worked for many years and will not work for years to come.

The main task in the defense of Nature resides in the REVALUATION OF THE WORLD: to revalue nature, time, space, gratuity, the human body, the authenticity of life, human coexistence, autonomy, cultures, economies, crafts and everything that the modern world has devalued through instruments and tools, through science and technology and through economic concepts.

On the other hand, we need to restructure the existing production apparatus and social relations according to the new values. Change it as radically as radical are the changes in values ​​in society.

Redistribute wealth and access to natural heritage between rich and poor countries. Redistribution of land, extraction rights, employment, profits, among others. Reconsider land use as a consequence of the revolution of mentalities: taking more and more land from industrialized agriculture, real estate speculation, polluting industries and services, asphalt and cement, desertification and turning it over to agriculture peasant, biological, respectful of ecosystems.

Relocate subsistence, to achieve the rebirth of the local. This point is strategic. Consume what is produced locally and produce what is consumed locally, this must be the great environmental task. We are urged to establish ourselves in one place, grow vegetables in the city and resist the consumption of products brought from the other side of the world, with a huge ecological cost and a huge energy subsidy.

We don't want English toilets, no pipes and pumps, no bottled water; we do not want industrialized food; We do not want state or private management of water. We don't want big governments or big companies; we want communities rooted and in harmony with Nature. Starting from what we do not want, we can try new customs, new practices and experiment with artisanal techniques for community management of food, water, energy, housing, mobility, among others. The new values ​​must take us to another world respectful of Nature.

Extracted from the text presented by Miguel Valencia Mulkay at the WSF

Video: Dr Rupert Reads Talk on Climate Catastrophe. Extinction Rebellion (June 2022).


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