How to make a DIY antivirus mask

How to make a DIY antivirus mask

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There Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic its diffusion continues in the world, but thanks to the measures of social distancing some states have already passed the maximum emergency phase and are slowly returning to normal.

However, it remains vitally important to respect the recommendations of the political and health authorities to safeguard our health and that of the people around us.

Only in this way will we be able to get out of the emergency and return to our normal habits, probably appreciating more "the little joys" that life can offer us and that we often take for granted.

Between containment measures to the spread of Coronavirus the "masks“, Which have become almost impossible to find in the moment of greatest gravity of the pandemic.

In this article I will try to clarify by explaining when it is advisable to wear a mask, how effective and how are the masks, how to make a DIY antivirus mask if you are unable to purchase one e how to use a mask correctly and effectively.

For each indication I will insert the reference of the source with the relative link to the authoritative sources on the subject.

When to wear a mask (update 7 June 2020)

The primary purpose of a surgical mask is to prevent droplets of saliva in the form of aerosols that can escape from our mouth or nose from dispersing into the environment and in particular from coming into contact with other people, risking to infect them in case where we are prone to an infection.

The latest document relating to the use of masks disclosed by the World Health Organization (WHO) "Blatantly corrects" the recommendations previously published on its official website (source: .

Now it is recommended that "everyone" in public use masks to contain the spread of the virus and not just healthcare personnel and the infected, as he had previously recommended.

The WHO therefore "sensationally" aligns itself with "our recommendations", also adding the recommendation for people over sixty and for people with previous pathologies to resort to surgical masks.

I remember that already last April 16 I had written in this same article that I constantly update:

I regret that even the official website of the Ministry of Health where I read "... the mask is not necessary for the general population in the absence of symptoms of respiratory diseases." (source: has NOT updated this recommendation as of April 16, 2020.

For our part, and paradoxically in contrast to what is recommended on the official website of the WHO and on the website of the Ministry of Health, we strongly recommend all the Italian population to wear a protective mask outside their home, as required by the most recent provisions. by law, in particular in the regions of Italy most affected by the COVID-19 infection.

Where does the COVID-19 denomination come from

The word COVID-19 was chosen as the name of the new virus by the director general of WHO Ghebreyesus and is composed of "CO", the word "Corona", "VI", the word "VIrus" and "D" from the word Disease (disease in English). The number "19" instead refers to the year in which it first appeared.

How effective are antivirus masks and how

To understand theeffectiveness of a mask it is always necessary to keep in mind the rationale, that is, the ways of transmitting a virus based on the studies and data available.

All scientific sources agree that the virus is transmitted mainly due to the droplets of saliva that can be emitted by an infected patient through coughing or through direct contact.

If the tiny droplets of saliva from a sick person come into contact with the mouth or eyes of another person and are "breathed in" by another person, the latter runs the risk of being infected.

That said, more than thinking about the different types of masks, based on their classification FFP1, FFP2, FFP3 (you can read all the information about it on this page: / ) it is good to think about scrupulously follow the recommendations of the WHO itself and the Ministry of Health to avoid infection that I propose again with theofficial infographics widespread these days:

It is therefore completely useless to protect yourself with a mask if you then put your hands in your eyes or, worse, your fingers in your mouth or nose or if you are in a closed environment crowded with potentially infected people.

How to make a DIY antivirus mask

Having clarified the conditions for the scope of use of the antivirus masks, I can move on to offer you two videos that explain how to make a protective mask in a few minutes with easily available material.

The first video that I propose is the tutorial proposed byHong-Kong Shenzhen hospital, with English subtitles by South China Morning Post.

I find it very interesting as it shows how to create a device that can also protect the eyes and not just the mouth.

The second video that I propose is the one proposed by TGcom24 and shows the journalist and presenter Barbara Palombelli create a "do it yourself mask" using baking paper.

The instructions were approved by prof. Garbagnati, Oncologist at the National Cancer Institute of Milan.

(Click on this link or on the following image to watch the video directly on You Tube, on the official TGCOM 24 account)

Barbara Palombelli shows how to create a DIY emergency mask

It should be noted that in the video it is pointed out that the mask must absolutely be dry otherwise it will lose effectiveness.

For this reason we recommend the use of baking paper instead of another type of card.

(you can watch the original video of the interview with Prof. Garbagnati on this page of

How to use a mask correctly and effectively

For a correct and effective use of an antibacterial mask, whether it is a purchased model or a "do it yourself" version, it is important to note the following:

  • The mask should not lead us to less protection, especially of the eyes or to frequent crowded areas
  • The mask must be worn following the steps described by the Ministry of Health
  • The template can be used only once. After the first use it cannot be used as it is not washable and without washing and disinfecting it could contain viruses. Paradoxically, therefore, it might be better to use a DIY mask by changing it every time you leave the house instead of using an FFP2 or FFP3 mask by reusing it and touching it with your hands, without then washing them.
  • The use of the mask serves first of all to prevent that wearing it can infect other people and not the other way around. However, it is easy to understand that if everyone wore the mask, the infection would slow down as even infected people without symptoms would not infect people who are still healthy.

Below are the steps described on the website Ministry of Health required to wear a mask safely:

  • Before putting on the face mask, wash your hands with soap and water or an alcoholic solution
  • cover your mouth and nose with the mask making sure it fits snugly against your face
  • avoid touching the mask while wearing it. If you touch it, wash your hands
  • when it becomes wet, the mask must be replaced with a new one and cannot be used. For this reason the masks are to be considered disposable.
  • remove the mask by taking it from the elastic, without touching the front
  • immediately discard the mask in a closed bag and wash your hands.

I hope this collection of tips and recommendations has been helpful to you.

… And in any case #andratuttobene

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Video: Handmade Medical Mask Tutorial - Face mask no sewing machine (June 2022).


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