Calcarea carbonica: what is this homeopathic remedy and how does it work

Calcarea carbonica: what is this homeopathic remedy and how does it work

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There carbonic limestone is a well known remedy in homeopathy, obtained through the trituration with lactose of calcium carbonate, then diluted and dynamized in a hydroalcoholic solution.

The calcium carbonate that is used to prepare this homeopathic remedy is extracted from the core, the central layer of mother of pearl, of the shell of oyster.

What is calcium carbonate

To try to understand what the nature of this remedy is, it may be useful to try to take stock of its "ingredients" and, in particular, on the calcium carbonate.

Calcium carbonate is a ternary salt, which occurs in its pure state, in nature, as a white solid, not very soluble in water.

In the environment it can be found in different minerals and rocks, helping to compose many materials such as dolomites, which are composed of double carbonate of calcium and magnesium. It is also widespread in the sediments of lakes and seas. Dissolved in water, it is also the main component of limestone, and represents for example more than 90% of the material of which the shells of hen eggs are formed. Large quantities are also found in oyster shells or cuttlefish bones.

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What is calcium carbonate used for

As stated above, we highlight how calcium carbonate is used in several very different fields, confirming the versatility of this ingredient.

For example, you can find the calcium carbonate in various fertilizers in agriculture: thanks to its eco-compatible properties, in fact, this component can absorb pollutants and can guarantee a good health of agricultural production, considering that it does not have harmful substances.

It can also be found in pesticide treatments, such as those against fruit flies. Or, in the production of paints and adhesive coatings, or in paper coating processes. In the food world it can be found as a supplement or as a dye, as well as a natural gastric antacid.

Calcium carbonate in homeopathy

As we have already anticipated at the opening of our in-depth study, the calcium carbonate obtainable by shredding the oyster shell, with the help of lactose, is a fundamental component of homeopathic remedy of the carbonic limestone.

The compound obtained as above is then infused and vertically placed in a solution of water and alcohol, finally obtaining the homeopathy remedy we are talking about today.

There are numerous uses that are promoted by this compound. According to the followers of homeopathy, in fact, it would be possible to use the carbonic limestone in order to revitalize the metabolism and to be able to rebalance the absorption of calcium.

This substance could therefore have benefits on bones and joints, as well as on lymphatic glands, veins, skin, digestive, respiratory, urinary and female genital systems.

What carbon limestone is used for

Recalling that it is a homeopathic remedy, and therefore it certainly cannot be equated with a drug with certified efficacy and attested in medicine, many people argue that carbonic limestone can be useful in numerous cases such as:

  • head problems, such as dizziness and headache;
  • eye inflammation and swelling in that area;
  • ear problems;
  • pain in the throat;
  • breathing disorder, such as colds, pharyngitis, cough, laryngitis;
  • gastroenteritis and disorders of the digestive system, such as regurgitation and bloating;
  • dysfunctions related to the assimilation of calcium such as rickets or dental caries;
  • joint problems such as gout and rheumatism;
  • disorders of the female genital system;
  • urinary system disorders;
  • dermatological disorders, such as hives and dermatitis;
  • disorders of the cardiovascular system.

Having clarified the above, we can only conclude by inviting all those who warned of problems related to the conditions specified to go to their referring physician, thus evaluating from time to time, and case by case, the most appropriate indications to follow in order to find the right and well-deserved well-being.

In fact, we remind you that homeopathic remedies, which are mainly based on completely natural substances and on a broader approach to the problem, are certainly not comparable to medicines aimed at resolving a specific malaise, and that therefore there should be no confusion between medicine and homeopathy.

That said, more and more people are trying to get closer to this world in an attempt to solve some health problems. We invite you to do so with the necessary caution, without deluding yourself that you can solve serious and clinically proven problems with solutions that are often totally indifferent to the real action that should be exercised for the resolution of your clinical condition.

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