DIY cat beds

DIY cat beds

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A cat bed for DIY it can be great news for your feline friends. And no matter how domesticated they are: any cat can sooner or later get bored with life inside the four walls, especially if they live in a small context, and if they must respect strict rules on what they can and cannot do, on where they can climb. and what he can and cannot play with.

So building a kennel system will be a perfect choice for that cat who needs a place of their own where they can do whatever they want!

But how to make DIY cat beds? What are the most practical tips you should keep in mind in order to put this work into being?


Let's start with the basics: the planning. In fact, first of all, it is necessary to make some essential decisions about the design of the kennel.

Our tip is to observe your cat and understand what he likes to do for fun. Do you have a cat that is an accomplished climber? Does he like to torment hanging toys? Or is it a lazier cat who doesn't like these adventures? Answering these questions will help you plan your kennel correctly! Also, you need to know where to place your kennel and how big you want it to be.

Dimensions and frame

Speaking of the size of the kennel, it is difficult to give you a rough idea, considering that a lot will depend on the habits of your cat, how many cats could live in the kennel, the space you have, and so on.

As a general rule, use a frame that is not too narrow: a kennel of at least one meter on each side may be suitable for one or two cats. Of course, if you realize that these dimensions are not enough, because you have many cats, or if you want to take full advantage of an unused space, you can also overdo it. In general, however, we advise you not to exceed too much with the sizing, because cats like an environment where they can feel sufficiently safe "to their size".

Then fill the bottom of the kennel with sand or gravel to facilitate water drainage. Attach poles to support the frame, and make sure they are strong enough. If you can, the concrete post structure should give your work great stability.

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Building access

You can choose to build your kennel right next to your house, with contact between the frame and the walls, or you can move it a few meters away (don't make it too far away, as the cat could get discouraged). If you choose this second solution, it is a good idea to lay a strip of plywood that can guide the pet from the front door (or the entrance to the house you have reserved for the cat) to the edge of your kennel. Try to raise the plywood and access to the pet bed by a few centimeters to avoid water damage and infiltrations.

Close the kennel and secure the roof

Nail another piece of plywood over the kennel and, if you have the possibility, make sure that the roof is sloping, so that it can drain the water from the top. Obviously, it creates a bit of space between the slope and the entrances, because otherwise you run the risk of the water that drips from the roof and ends up on the entrance.

Once this is done, your kennel is complete! Now all that's left for you to do is get your pet to use it. You can put some particularly welcome object inside, you can accompany him gently and entertain him near the kennel, you can feed him there and so on.

Gradually your cat should get into the habit of using its kennel correctly. It is very important, in any case, that the cat can return home at any time, and that it does not interpret the kennel as a sort of "new home" in which it is forced to stay. Instead, it is better that you interpret it as a kind of "second home" in which, if you wish, you can spend some time, perhaps to rest between one adventure and another.

We remind you that on the web you can find dozens of ad hoc tutorials for this reason. You just have to look for what you think can do for you and show off your maximum creativity!

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