How to choose the right socks for us

How to choose the right socks for us

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The sock in the summer we forget that it exists but then every year, in the autumn, the problem arises again, as soon as a bit of coolness appears or we have to go back to work and we can't do it, sometimes, with open shoes. How to choose the socks that suit us, both from the point of view of health and aesthetics? There are many more parameters at stake than you imagine, and it will not be so easy to find your way around the many types of socks that exist on the market. Moreover, recently, the stocking has also become a bit of a sign of rebellion. You have never seen people in a tie and dressed in dark, with a eclectic sock red or yellow and green polka dots or stripes? And with comics or fruit? Choosing the right sock is a sign of character.

How to choose the right socks for us

Those who think that the sock is a detail is very mistaken because it is not at all like this, it is an essential element of our wardrobe. And on the it fits that often falls the eye when you want to guess the style and character of a person. It is the sock that can also help us sweat less and have a healthier foot, as fans of running and trekking know. Here is a small practical guide to better understand our ideal sock. It can also depend on the occasion, of course.

How to choose socks: material

The sock can be made of cotton or wool, but not only. Who has tried to buy in a specialized shop you will have noticed that there are many variations.

  • Cotton sock it is the most common but this does not necessarily mean it is always the most appropriate. The most valuable is in cotton Filoscozia because it is light and at the same time resistant, it absorbs sweat and disperses heat and natural perspiration. When you wash it, it doesn't shrink. Mak is also a very popular fiber, it is a long-staple cotton of Egyptian origin, then there is the Winter Cotton yarn, perfect for winter because it is thicker.
  • Wool sock, to be used in winter, although those mixed wool and cotton or wool and silk may be more suitable.
  • Silk stocking, are the most precious and also delicate, to show off in summer and on special evenings.
  • Linen sock, summery, sometimes in linen and cotton.
  • Cashmere or camel socks, very hot but not particularly resistant. Better to choose the cashmere and silk blend so that they don't wear out immediately

Who has problems with allergy to materials, you can look for special socks that have the inside in cotton and the outside in wool, or the inside in cotton and the outside in nylon, in this way they are also more resistant.

How to choose the socks: measurements

Occasionally we find the socks with one size, and we have to make do, but if it is elegant and precious socks, there must be the measures. There is a lot of difference between the different foot sizes and you really risk finding yourself with a sock that is too tight and wears out even earlier, or with a sock that creases and creates irritation.

We can also choose if we prefer the short, medium or long sock. The short reaches just above the malleolus and is used mainly abroad, it is a classic of the Germans and Americans, but also of other Northern European countries. There is a theme of saving, more than money, of yarn, but then it is easier to prepare the elastic than the long sock that sees it reach up to the knee.

There long sock it is undoubtedly the most elegant, today, if you take it of a refined model, even if it wasn't always like that. Once upon a time it was only sportsmen who used these so obvious socks, or those who did outdoor activities and chose them to protect themselves.

There medium sock it is less elegant than the long one, even if it is rather used because in fact it is not always visible and it is less hot. The long stocking can indeed annoy, it is snug.

How to choose socks: models

On the models of socks sfew are really prepared because very often a sock is just a sock, it doesn't seem necessary to ask too many things.

There are models in stockinette stitch or chiffon which are the most common, but they follow the ribbed socks, very comfortable and easy. It is rarer to find "vanisè" socks, so called because they are made of a different yarn, in which, for example, you can see the contrast from one side to the other or between two colors, one more opaque and one more shiny. Moving on to increasingly sophisticated and less common socks, we arrive at those embroidered or with an inlay effect, or even with a sweater obtained by combining pieces woven with threads of different colors. These are very famous in Great Britain, they are called Argyle and Edward VII in the Thirties used them to go hunting or play golf.

To conclude, we find the socks with embossed design, those with imaginative prints, as anticipated in the incipit, and those in terry cloth, without heel, tubular, usually intended for sports even if today they are often commonly used, except in elegant contexts, because they are comfortable and healthy.

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