Rome declares the climatic and environmental emergency

Rome declares the climatic and environmental emergency

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Rome declares the status of climatic and environmental emergency.The formalization took place with a motion shared by all political forces, through which the municipality of Rome is committed to implementing an ecological conversion in the economic and social fields.

On the eve of the third global climate strike on September 27, 2019, the Capitoline assembly approved with 40 votes in favor, the request to be a spokesperson for the government and Parliament so that all possible actions to be put at the center of national counteracting the climate and environmental emergency.

A milestone achieved thanks to the 100,000 signatures deposited in the Capitol in support of the petition #EmergenzaClimaticaRome promoted on by Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio, president of the Univerde foundation and former Minister of the Environment. To which the young people of Fridays For Future Rome together with realities of Italian journalism, associations and professionals of the green economy.

The text of the petition states that the city of Rome has already shared many commitments in halve CO2 emissions. But what is needed are concrete investments and a change in economic policy.

Fridays For Future Rome

The idea of ​​the young people of Fridays For Future Rome is that the ecological conversion should be focused on the principles of climate justice, participatory democracy is transparency.

Specifically, it is believed that the costs of the transition should not burden the weakest sections of the population, but rather those who caused the most environmental damage.

Institutions should also recognize an important role to city assemblies in the process of identifying the necessary measures to combat the climate emergency. This would allow the same assemblies to monitor and ensure that the emergency declarations are followed by concrete and adequate actions to the gravity of the crisis.

Finally, institutions are asked to publish periodic reports on the progress achieved in reducing emissions and therefore in solving environmental problems.

Commitments of the municipality

For a municipality, in fact, declare the climate and environmental emergency it certainly means recognizing the seriousness of the environmental and socio-economic effects caused by global warming, but above all it expresses the assumption of responsibility towards citizens in pursuing concrete and effective immediate actions.

In any case, the commitments that the Mayor Virginia Raggi and the municipal council foresee a series of programmatic points:

  • Reduce emissions by at least 40% with every effort to reach 50% by 2030
  • Consider the fight against climate change as a top priority for the next 10 years
  • Tackling the problem of land consumption by not authorizing new requests for building concreting
  • Proceed with the energy efficiency of public buildings and encouraging the private sector
  • Tackling the problem of waste with a specific focus on the concepts of recycling and reuse
  • Support greater efforts to reduce water system losses with the aim of reducing them by 20% in 5 years
  • Establish a permanent observatory that monitors the environmental situation of the city and the real actions put in place for the realization of the commitments undertaken

Other commitments contained in the document concern the initiation of discussions with the Region and the Government on the issues of sustainable mobility and public transport. Furthermore, the creation of a Roman 'climatic infrastructure', through the care and expansion of public parks at 360 degrees, the overcoming of intensive farming, the contrast to the indiscriminate use of pesticides, greater consideration of plastic free and the ecological conversion of energy production towards renewable sources.

A certainly ambitious project that in a note from the activists of Fridays For Future Rome is commented in these terms:

"Although the motion does not fully reflect our original requests, we are satisfied that finally the city of Rome has also officially recognized the climate emergency for which we will not stop fighting".

The third global climate strike

It seems to be an important first step, therefore, for the city of Rome and for the young people of Fridays For Future, which on Friday 27 September gave life to the third most popular global climate event ever. Over 200,000 people, including students and adults, took to the streets to loudly reiterate how important it is to consider the fighting climate change a top priority of the next ten years.

"It is the UN IPCC report that tells us: we only have 11 years to cut emissions and avoid disaster. Governments are wasting time with minimal measures. The proposals of the Italian government are not enough for us. We cannot wait until 2040 for the end of fossil financing and the elimination of environmentally harmful subsidies (Sad). We must cut them immediately and use them to support ecological reconversion ".

Many signs and slogans used to defend the environment. To reiterate that the time available is short and effective and courageous measures are needed as soon as possible. If we really want to help each other and save the planet we live on, we need to change our lifestyle and adopt eco-sustainable behaviors. And we must do it all together, institutions and individual citizens.

Curated by Christel Schachter

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