How to have a full beard

How to have a full beard

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Many men like to have a particularly rich and virile beard but ... like having a full beard faster and in a healthier and more sustainable way?

Below we have wanted to summarize some of the most useful steps, in the hope that they will be useful for you to better achieve your style goals!

Do not rush

The first thing we recommend you do is ... do not rush! The first weeks of growth are generally the most difficult, also due to the itching that may come. So keep in mind that having a full beard requires care and attention.

And if you can't tolerate the feeling of discomfort that could result from it, you can help yourself with special products, such as a vitamin C serum that you could use on the face: it will relieve the itchiness and improve the overall health of the skin.

Buy good beard oil

L'beard oil it is a real must have for all those people who want to have a full beard. The difference between not using oil and using it is enormous: it will allow you to have a softer and smoother beard, without itching.

You will notice that there are dozens of different variations on the market. Our suggestion is to focus on those based on jojoba oil, tea tree oil, argan oil, rosehip oil and hemp oil. Any combination of these five ingredients should allow you to have a quality oil to use on your beard.

A small recommendation: do not choose beard oil based on the perfume. In fact, prefer the ones that don't have any, considering that often the perfumes in the oils are added with chemical additives that could make the situation worse!

Trim your beard regularly

Frequently trim your beard it is a necessary practice to keep it well cared for and uniform. As you may have noticed, beard hair can grow in very different and particular directions, and therefore having a good beard trimmer is vital for improving the appearance of the beard. There is no time frame for this activity, but in general a trim two or three times a week should be fine.

Another bonus: never trim your beard after a shower, because when your beard hair is wet it looks much longer and fuller than it really is, leading you to get confused and shaved a lot more than you normally would. Wait until the water evaporates completely from the face and then cuts accordingly.

Get some vitamins

There are many vitamins that might help you grow one better beard. One of the most important is biotin, which is directly related to the development of healthy hair, nail and skin growth. Other top vitamins include Vitamin E, B1 and B6. Among the other nourishing elements for your beard, we point out zinc and flavonoids.

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Drink and eat balanced

There diet It is one of the most important things to keep in mind when it comes to beards, so eat right and consume lots of green leafy vegetables, fruits and protein sources. Obviously, get enough hydration by drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day (or more, depending on your daily activities).

Use beard balm

Just like hair, a beard also benefits greatly from a good one balm. An Argan oil-based product might be appropriate, as well as a Tea Tree oil-based one. It is worth following the same guidelines that we have already shared in relation to the tips for beard oil!


To do physical exercise it should be something you should do regardless of whether you are looking to have a full beard or not. Exercise at least 3-4 days a week for periods of 30 minutes to 2 hours a day. Exercise not only improves your overall health, it can also increase the amount of testosterone your body is able to produce, helping you to have that full beard you've always wanted.

Aside from that, try to reduce the amount of stress you have to deal with every day, as this reduces testosterone production and thus prevents you from having healthy facial hair growth. Additionally, stress has been shown to cause hair loss in men which ... is certainly something you definitely don't want to experience.

In short, considering that these two things go hand in hand and are something that will have enormous benefits not only for your beard, but also for your general well-being ... keep them in mind!

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