Stuffing for tortellini: here's how to make 10 super tasty ones!

Stuffing for tortellini: here's how to make 10 super tasty ones!

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THE tortellini they are one of the greatest Italian culinary symbols and… also one of the most customizable ones: in fact, you have dozens of excellent fillings for tortellini, among which you can choose your favorites.

In short, think of tortellini as a “pocket” that you can fill with anything, from meat to fish, to vegetables and… more. In short, homemade tortellini are not only for expert cooks: anyone can roll out fresh pasta and, through the right fillings, create a very tasty recipe.

Of course, the masters of Italian cuisine may have something to say, but with a little creativity and imagination it will be possible to get the best results or, at least, try!

Precisely for this reason, below we have summarized 10 excellent alternatives for a filling for tortellini. Here you can read instead how to make homemade tortellini.

Classic tortellini

We can only start with the classic tortellini, with the most traditional filling for homemade tortellini, with a Bolognese recipe. Loin of pork, Parma ham, mortadella, Parmesan cheese, eggs, nutmeg and salt, are all you need to be able to define a full doc, infallible.

Tortellini with radicchio and speck

A very delicious first variant is the one based on radicchio and speck. The resulting filling is easily recognizable, and for all those who believe they have created it too liquid, just add some breadcrumbs to get to the ideal consistency. The best dressing? It is not the tomato sauce, which could confuse the flavors too much, but a simple butter.

Tortellini with asparagus and mushrooms

It is a really tasty filling for your homemade tortellini, which are healthy and perfect for your vegetarian friends. A really good idea, which if you want you can complete with a splash of saffron, for an even more sophisticated taste!

Tortellini with cabbage, figs and ricotta

Here is another super tasty recipe, based on cabbage, figs and ricotta. The combination of flavors allowed by these natural ingredients is truly delicious: the cheese allows you to add a final touch, enriching a dish with a sweet and salty taste, able to warm and fill the belly.

A splash of lemon zest on top of the steaming bowl of tortellini, and a generous helping of grated Parmesan cheese, a genuine and prestigious first is all you need.

Tortellini with chocolate

Before you are horrified at the traditional tortellini recipes, and then at the chocolate tortellini… take a deep breath. Tortellini are in fact also emerging in the world of dessert, although they may seem really too excessive combinations. Try them, sprinkled with sugar: they could be the most original way to end a meal.

Tortellini with pumpkin, walnuts and gorgonzola

If you love the pumpkin, the nuts and the gorgonzola... why not blend these ingredients into a single unmissable recipe? Tortellini made with these natural elements will become your new favorite dish!

Tortellini with pears and cheese

Tortellini pears and cheese they are one of the favorite variants of Italians, thanks to their very tasty combination. Ripe pears in fact provide the perfect sweetness to cut the creaminess of the cheese in these tortellini, which are easily made and… even more easily enjoyed at lunch and dinner!

Tortellini with zucchini and sausage

This filling is a light variation of tortellini which have a traditional meat-based filling. There sausage and the zucchini sautéed are an inexpensive and delicious way to fill homemade pasta, especially if you have little time available but don't want to give up taste and delicacy.

Tortellini with mushrooms and ricotta

Another modern and delicious combination is the one that blends in the filling of tortellini i mushrooms with the ricotta cheese. For lovers of "earthy" flavors it is really ideal!

Potato tortellini

We return to the traditional, or almost, with tortellini stuffed with potatoes. The sweet potatoes they are also readily available all year round, and so this turns into an excellent recipe to keep in your pocket for when you feel like something rich and easy to prepare, perhaps to be seasoned with a nice sauce!

What do you think? What are your favorite tortellini filling variations? Would you like to tell us your personal and delicious recipe, with which to prepare a truly unrivaled first floor?

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