Herbs that help you sleep: what they are and what they are for

Herbs that help you sleep: what they are and what they are for

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No more classic jokes, there really are herbs that help you sleep and that they are completely legal. We can experience them, they will have slightly different effects on each of us. It is important to try and find our or our herbs to fight insomnia which can at the same time avoid making us enslaved to some sleep drug. If they are indispensable, i pharmacological remedies, it takes, but if an effective and alternative remedy is found, the better!

Herbs that help you sleep: what they are for

Plants that help sleep can be a way to return to rest properly during our days. If to some it may seem an absurd problem, given that he can't wait to sleep and collapses as soon as he manages to go to bed, to others this problem may seem familiar. There are many and more and more people suffer from insomnia, who struggle to fall asleep or who have poor quality sleep. This aspect does not only concern a phase of the day but has some very strong ones impact on quality of life of a person and also on his health, mental and physical.

Middle-aged women are one of the most affected categories, but no one should feel exempt. There are maybe those who then for just a period, suffer from insomnia, perhaps for a specific concern, for an exam, for a job.

Not sleeping lowers ours ability to concentrate and makes us irritable, in a bad mood, less lucid and receptive. Not sleeping prevents the body from carrying out some important activities that it usually does at night, when we are peaceful under the covers dreaming: with the kidney system it eliminates in the best way toxins, with the immune system produces more antibodies and the red blood cell turnover multiplies.

All of which is to say that it's worth a try herbs that help you sleep. It's worth it. It is not a novelty of these years, a new fashion, an invention of some pharmaceutical company or herbalist brand, it is a custom that has distant origins in time. For millennia, plants have been used for therapeutic purposes and in particular to sleep well. However, it is always important consult with your doctor before starting a therapy with herbs which could also have a pharmacological action e disturb the central nervous system. Finally, not all herbs are good for everyone, everyone has their favorite but above all some are not good for children or pregnant women.

Herbs that help you sleep: chamomile

Let's start with a classic, the chamomile, to confirm his action and not deny it. Not an urban legend, this herb is able to induce sleep because there are so many flavonoids of its beautiful yellow flowers. However, we must consume the right dose if we want a sedative and calming effect, because when the infusion is too concentrated it can cause the opposite effect.

Herbs for sleeping: hawthorn

Here too, in the Hawthorn, we find many flavonoids both in fruits and flowers. These powerful antioxidants make the evening herbal tea a perfect remedy for insomnia, perfect when it has a nervous origin. Hawthorn can also be used with children to whom it is usually given in drops. It acts in general on states of strong emotionality and tension.

Herbs that help you sleep: Melissa officinalis

There lemon balm it is not for chronic insomniacs but for those who occasionally experience problems falling asleep, in conjunction with some tensions. This herb counteracts the arrival of anxiety and stress and allows us to sleep peacefully beyond what the day made us experience. It is very suitable when it is necessary to avoid constant awakenings in the middle of the night, the most annoying ones and which make us wake up in a bad mood.

Herbs for sleeping: escolzia

This herb helps sleep, especially in the early part of sleep, and avoids night awakenings leaving us for a long time in the arms of morpheus. It seems, from some studies, more effective on women who also take it for menstrual disorders, since it relaxes the muscle groups.

Herbs that help you sleep: Valeriana officinalis

There valerian it is another classic like chamomile, there are many people who use it even just to calm daytime anxiety attacks. It actually reassures in general because it affects the central nervous system. It is so widespread that we can also find it in various forms, such as infusion or dry and therefore highly concentrated. It is more inconvenient but it is easier to control the doses.

Herbs that help you sleep: passionflower incarnate

When insomnia is caused by cerebral hyperactivity and excitement, it is absolutely necessary to have passionflower embodied, which acts on the central nervous system, precisely in that area that controls movements and the centers responsible for sleep. It is very effective, so much so that there are those who compare it to drugs like benzodiazepines but this herb, unlike that sedative, does not cause dizziness.

Herbs for sleeping: linden

When sleep problems are connected or coincident with gods bowel problems what can solve both is the lime tree, also excellent for children and for those who do not want to have bouts of drowsiness during the day. It is sedative and helps not to somatise tensions, neither with insomnia nor with constipation.

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