Dry skin: remedies against the most dehydrated skin

Dry skin: remedies against the most dehydrated skin

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There dry skin? It is one of the most common problems and ... there is little to be surprised about! The skin is in fact the largest organ in our body, and is continually subjected to stresses and tensions that we are hardly aware of.

Precisely for this reason it is essential to keep the skin sufficiently hydrated and in good health, avoiding that it can give rise to irritation and inflammation which could, in turn, be the "indicator" of something wrong.

Let us then try to understand why we sometimes suffer from dry skin and how we can intervene to remedy this condition.

Dry skin symptoms

THE dry skin symptoms they are generally noticeable to the touch and sight, with the skin that will appear tight and rough, and - at times - flaky, cracked and itchy.

Elbows, knees, hands and feet are generally the areas of our body most affected by dry skin, but frequently this condition can also affect the face, in the cheek area and around the eyes. Especially in the winter season, the lips tend to become dry.

Causes of dry skin

But what causes dry skin?

The list of the determinants of dry and dehydrated skin it is so long that it would be very difficult to try to summarize it in these few lines. Suffice it to consider, for example, that dry skin can be favored by dozens of external factors, and by as many internal factors, and that very often those suffering from dry skin can suffer the attack of multiple triggers simultaneously, thus making it more effective cure is difficult.

Hoping to please you, we have chosen to summarize the main causes, starting from the external, or exogenous ones:

  • environmental: the skin is more frequently dry when it is very hot or very cold, or when the air is very dry. This is why the symptoms of dry skin generally occur during the summer and, above all, during the winter. Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays can also damage the skin by drying it out (here we talked about how to protect the skin after a swim in the sea);
  • topical products: the use of some skin products could promote dry skin. Consider - among others - washing with particular types of detergents, or even undergoing inadequate skin treatments, which end up eliminating the skin's natural lipid barrier;
  • medications: some treatments against potentially serious pathologies (radiotherapy, chemotherapy, etc.), can cause dry skin against side effects. The same effect is also generally determined by some drugs against hypertension, with diuretic consequences.

The main internal factors can instead be attributable to:

  • genetics: Skin hydration levels can be significantly influenced by genetics. In other words, some people are born with a specific predisposition to dry skin, since they inherited it from their parents;
  • hormones: hormonal changes are another major determinant of dry skin. It is for this reason that dry skin in women appears in menopause and in pregnancy;
  • age: aging physiologically slows down the metabolism of the skin. As a result, the skin becomes drier and wrinkles begin to appear in it, together with the loss of elasticity;
  • diet: a diet, especially if it is particularly drastic, could deprive our body of some nutrients, unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins. Considering that these elements are essential for maintaining healthy skin, it follows that a diet that does not integrate sufficient doses of these resources risks impoverishing and drying out the skin.

Remedies for dry skin

Having clarified what are the main causes of dry skin, we can only devote this second part of our study in trying to understand what the main remedies.

The first solution is obviously that of cleanse dry skin of your body with a delicate product, which does not eliminate the lipids present on the surface. It is good to share with your dermatologist which cleanser to use: it is very likely that they can advise you to use one that contains natural moisturizing elements, such as urea or lactate.

Generally, the above remedy is a sufficient solution to be able to treat dry skin if this is caused by a poor hydration condition. However, you can understand that in many cases you suffer from dry skin not so much because you are dehydrated, but because - more pragmatically - age is advancing and deprives the skin of the necessary elasticity. In these scenarios, a treatment based on hyaluronic acid, which can rehydrate and elasticise your skin, while also containing the appearance of fine lines that are favored by dryness.

In addition to the above, don't forget to moisturize the skin ... from the inside. Therefore try to drink at least 1.5 - 2 liters of water per day, avoiding instead of taking carbonated and sugary drinks. So try to avoid dry air, spending less time outdoors if the climate is very hot or very cold, and use a humidifier indoors if the heating is on.

If you have the habit of bathing in hot water, try to replace them for a while with quicker showers. Finally, try wearing clothes that are made from natural fabrics (but not wool, which may irritate the skin), and use alcohol-free, fragrance-free and dye-free skin products.

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