How quails reproduce

How quails reproduce

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How quails reproduce: instructions on mating and reproduction of quail. From incubation times to optimal conditions for hatching.

Before you seehow quails reproduceI invite you to read our guide on quail breeding. In our quail breeding hypothesis we have taken into consideration a limited number of heads, for amateur breeding in the home. In the business environment, breeding can take place on the ground or in cages. In both cases, the quail should be reared in an area with good air exchange but without currents.

Quail reproduction: period

Thedeposition cycle of the quail eggs it lasts from March to July with the average production of about 4-5 eggs per week per female.

From October to March the quails stop reproducing. Reproduction in the period from October to March can be forced with the use of special lamps that act as a supplement to lengthen the photoperiod and stimulate egg production.

What is needed?

  • Quail male and female in the ratio 1: 3 (for example, 5 males to 15 females)
  • Eggs to incubate
  • Artificial or natural incubator (like a hen)
  • Artificial mother (a box well insulated from the cold, equipped with a warm light)
  • A thermometer

These are essential tools to be able toreproduce quail.

How quails reproduce

The Japanese quail sees an egg incubation period of around 18 days. At birth the quail should be placed under the artificial mothers for about 3 weeks. The initial temperature under the artificial mothers should be 35 ° C and then gradually drop to 30 ° in the third week. These are the optimal temperatures for the domestic quail (Coturnix Coturnix) very similar are the temperatures for the wild quail or Japanese quail (from initial 32 ° to 25 ° C). From the fourth week the quails can be kept at room temperature. The temperature should never drop below 18 - 20 ° çC because the small quail can suffer delays in growth or develop sterility.

What do quagliotti eat?
Flour for chicks, flour for colini and quail fasianidae. From the end of the second week it is already possible to give chopped vegetables.

The quail, already from the second week, jump and can leave the nest. In the case of free-range farming, it is advisable to prepare a perimeter cardboard at least 50 cm high.

In case of brooding with a hen

If you want to hatch quail eggs using a hen as a natural incubator, during the production period you can take the eggs for hatching and hatching.

A single hen can hatch 25 eggs at a time. The hen is nothing more than a hen that is in the physiological state of hatching and rearing the chicks.

Incubation time: Chinese quail and Japanese quail

Japanese quail: about 18 days

Chinese quail: about 17 days.

The chicks of the Chinese quail (Coturnix sinensis species) are much smaller. The Chinese quail is more delicate but also easier to reproduce. If well kept, the Chinese quail could start a self-breeding cycle (hatching alone). It is important to pay attention to the water bowls which must be very small. The tonnage of the small Chinese quail chicks makes drowning possible even in unsuspected containers. Use low containers and replace the water frequently.

From egg collection to incubation

For the reproduction of quails, we act in spring, when we have the greatest deposition peak. To incubate multiple eggs under a hen or in an artificial incubator, multiple collections can be performed. Collected incubating eggs can be stored for up to 10 days before becoming unusable.


There are extremely accurate professional incubators and hobby machines that can still be satisfying!

On “this Amazon page” you can get an overview on the prices of egg incubators. Calculate that in an artificial incubator suitable for the incubation of 10 chicken eggs, at least 20 quail eggs can be incubated.

If you use an artificial incubator, when hatching, the young quail should be quickly transferred to the box called "artificial mother". Remember that an artificial mother is nothing more than a space where newly hatched quail babies can be sheltered from the cold and fed.

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