Where cats sleep and where they should sleep

Where cats sleep and where they should sleep

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Sometimes it is difficult to find out where cats sleep, because they hide in the most incredible places to protect their privacy but other times they laze and snore in front of us in an almost arrogant way, even knowing full well that a certain place, for example the couch or our pants ready clean for the next morning, he is not allowed. Especially if white fur on a black background, or black fur on a white background.

06 It is interesting to know the typical places where cats sleep, although certainly each specimen has its own habits and tastes. When it comes to corners of the house, a lot also depends on how they are arranged. For example, my cat loves one of my wardrobes very much, the other doesn't, he finds it more uncomfortable or, perhaps, less reserved.

Where cats and dogs sleep

Let's start with a comparison between cats and dogs because they both live with us but have different habits. Basically a dog, even if small, forms in the kennel or on a bed that we have created specifically for him, without looking for strange places to rest. Cabinets, drawers, closets, they are not much loved by dogs who are more happy to lie down on a carpet, on a sofa, on a bed, if we allow them.

Cats, on the other hand, are more diabolical, or more creative, if we want to pay them a compliment, and they look for sleeping areas that are quiet and intimate. It is also quite difficult to convince them to abandon one of their relaxation areas because we are facing a animal of habit and even stubborn, he does not give ground easily. Especially when it comes to sleeping comfortably.

Where cats sleep: radiator

Especially in winter, but also in autumn, the cat tries to position itself on the radiator because there is nothing more pleasant than a little warmth on the stomach when resting. The radiators therefore, even if not exactly comfortable, they are certainly much loved by cats, even at the slightest gust of coolness they feel.

It is not only because of the temperature that the feline makes this choice. He also really likes the height that a radiator allows him to reach, because this remains a hunter animal who wants to have a broad view of the territory and control. In fact, cats have a well-known passion for control, which is why we often find them on top of closets, on trees, on shelves.

Where cats sleep: wardrobe

I mentioned it before, I repeat: the wardrobe is certainly one of the best places to sleep, as a feline. It is comfortable, especially if with various clothes arranged in bulk like mine, it is hot and there are no cold drafts. It is semi-shaded, so the light does not blind, and it is also a bit acoustically isolated, but not too much. The wardrobe becomes a kind of refuge for the cat who wants to isolate himself from the rest of the family and go away for a while.

Where cats sleep: sofa

The sofa is also comfortable but it is not a private place. The cat chooses it when it wants to laze but at the same time receive caresses and check the situation. It may happen that our friend even chooses the backrest or an armrest, to rest, apparently uncomfortable but which ensure the ability to control everything that happens, even if only by opening a slit of the eye.

If we do not find the cat in the house, before alarming us, if we have not found it in the closet, we check in other strategic places such as above the refrigerator or on high furniture, or on the carpet, on the sofa and even on the TV. Alternatively, we can take a look, making a local mind, in shoe boxes left empty, in paper bags or in the basket of dirty laundry.

Where the cat should sleep

Like the dog, the cat should be able to enjoy one little bunk of his own to sleep better, without being disturbed for example if we need the dress on which they dozed off. The bunk can be placed either in the living room, if the cat is sociable and loves to snooze with our voice in the background, or in a less frequented room, if we have a more shy animal or with a more wild character.

The problem is that convincing a feline that the bunk is better than a very soft mega closet isn't easy at all. We must try to educate him as a child, so that he takes it as a habit, considering that a cat does not sleep only at night but at all hours. To make him understand the message, when he begins to feel sleepy, let's prepare the bunk and let him sit down, with some captivating kibble, hoping that over time he will begin to love sleeping there. Let's also close it out of the rooms you prefer, so that you have to settle for a little bit with the bunk, otherwise it will always prefer a sofa in all its enormity and softness. If we have a garden, let's not forget that cats love to sleep in the sun, so we can offer them an outdoor bed for the summer. He will certainly appreciate it.

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